Software - Full Stack Developer

3-5 years

What will I be doing at Ather?

·         Collaborate with designers and developers to build the customer experience on the website and experience centres.

·         Collaborate with sales and product teams to build tools required to make the user has a great experience in his/her interactions with Ather.

·         Select web/mobile/backend frameworks to achieve the above goals.

·         Make sure we are following good development practices to ensure maintainability of software systems.

·         Own the development of the dashboard UI & Mobile App.


What kind of experience & skills do I need for this role?  

  • 3-4 years demonstrated proficiency with successful product design and implementation
  • Proficient in JavaScript (ES6)
  • Experience with React & Redux frameworks
  • Experience with React Native or Native android & iOS development
  • Experience with Nodejs
  • Good understanding of the web, https, CSS, browsers

What should I have graduated in?

  • Bachelor’s/Master’s in computer science or the nano degrees: “Becoming a professional react developer” and “Becoming a professional full stack developer” from Udacity or the equivalent courses from Coursera.

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