Customer Service - Relationship Manager

0 - 4 Years

Bring back genuine human interaction between the brand and customers.

A great product needs to be complemented with an even superior support experience. It’s those minor details, those endless moments when you wait on the call for the customer care to respond, the precise replies to your queries and genuineness in the interaction that make the difference between an irritating interaction and a great experience. And a great experience is a serious business for us. Exactly the reason why we are building a custom relationship model from scratch.
At Ather, we offer our customers a 24/7 seamless experience by supporting them with all their needs throughout their journey with us. To support you will be a robust in-house CRM system with extensive ownership data that will eliminate any information handicap - a spanner in most support scenarios. You will be the primary owner of customer experience right from product queries to troubleshooting for customers. Simply put, you will be the voice of brand Ather and will be the guardian of delivering a great customer experience, every time, every day.

What will I be doing at Ather?

  • Great communication skills in English is non-negotiable. Fluency in Hindi and a regional language will be good to have.
  • Presence of mind, at all times. While it may sound relatively easy and an omnipresent quality, a combination of situational awareness and an ability to proactively address concerns & anticipate issues
  • Your job is not just to troubleshoot but to make every interaction a great experience. That’s not really possible if you aren’t a people-person. Wit and a sense of humour generally help to douse fires
  • You should have a love for automobiles. When you are passionate about the product the ability to pick up the finest details is just faster.

What should I have graduated in?

You need not be an engineer to excel in this job, a bachelor degree in any stream and post-graduation in genuine human interactions works just fine.

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