Corporate Administration - Project manager - Capacity Expansion

8 - 12 Years

Designation: Manager (FACA05)

Office Location: Bengaluru (IBC)

Position description:

The main goal is to grow the services network (design & manufacturing) by aligning product development opportunities, developing the supplier base for Ather and defining the quantified value of outsourcing. This role works in conjunction with all engineering and operations teams to identify outsourcing opportunities, work with prospective suppliers to define and execute projects and work directly with the engineering teams to demonstrate and validate the proposed solutions with the support of suppliers.

This position will work in coordination with all engineering functions. He/she will outsource, monitor and follow up on projects at Ather with specific reference to setting up outsourcing process including project definition, scope, rate negotiations, SLAs, NDAs, MSAs with suppliers. Will be responsible for bidirectional feedback between Ather and its suppliers. 

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Identify technical areas for outsourcing (design / manufacturing, Mechanical, Electrical, Embedded, Supply Chain, Product testing)
  • Map technical areas to available competency of supplier workforce in India for a range of technical domains.
  • Responsible for on boarding suppliers quickly into the main stream product development process.
  • To be able to identify with the help of engineering teams the IP centric work and outsourceable work.

Reporting Team

  • Reporting Designation: Senior Manager (FACA06)
  • Reporting Department: Corporate Administration (FACA)

Educational qualifications preferred

  • Category: Master's Degree
  • Field specialization: Business, Management, Marketing and related support services, Sales, merchandising and other allied operations
  • Degree: Master of Business Administration - MBA

Required work experience

  • Industry: Auto, Aero

Required Skills:

  • Minimum 2-4 years of supplier account management experience including invoice validation, establishing supplier payment process, SLAs, NDAs, rate negotiations and resource optimization.
  • •Exposure in Customer Service, Sales processes and service experience (product servicing)
  • • Good experience in design and manufacturing project time estimation. Good experience in managing mechanical / electronic projects preferred.
  • • Some basic understanding of CAM / CAD/ PLM systems is mandatory. 

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