Hardware Packaging Design Engineer

2 - 4 Years

You’ll be our: Design Engineer

You’ll be based at: IBC Knowledge Park, Bengaluru
You’ll be Aligned with: Lead / Manager - Hardware Packaging
You’ll be a member of: Hardware Packaging

What you’ll do at Ather:

  • Meet Cost, Quality & Schedule goals for Programs/Projects
  •  Prepare and present compliance statements against checklists/Templates during reviews on 2D/3D CAD Drawings, Electrical Schematic, Packaging Design/Models, Dimensioning, Tolerancing, Tooling, Thermal Simulation, Interference Checks, Vehicle Level Interaction, Sealing, Venting, WCA, Packing, Servicing, Tolerance Analyses, IP, Safety and Regulatory aspects of design
  •  Maximize reuse of platforms and design resources to help reduce TTM, cost and enhance quality. Implement lessons learnt into designs
  •  Participate and contribute to DFMEA, DFM, DFA, DFC, DFS, DFR and Component Selection/derating reviews
  •  Carry out RCA on field failures and implement/recommend CAPA

Here’s what we are looking for:

Expert Level: 3D and 2D Modelling with SOLIDWORKS Engineering DVT HW Packaging Components, Harnesses and Peripherals
Advanced Level: Fasteners, Inserts, Surface Treatment methodologies Materials used for Thermal Interfaces and sealing – SILPADS, GAPPADS, O-RINGS, Valves Processes and material grades used in plastics used for electronic packaging and vehicle peripherals moulded/machined parts and fasteners
Basic Level: Effective Communication IP Testing Material grades used for Fabrication of Sheet metal parts, Heat sink Extrusions, castings, moulded/machined parts and fasteners Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing Generation of First Article Report (FAR) DFMEA, PFMEA, AFMEA DFM, DFA, DFC, DFR, DFS Poka-Yoke Methods & Techniques Sealing and Venting Mechanisms Debugging Thermal Issues Electromechanical Interaction and Impact Analysis ETSI/ASTM/ISO/ARAI Standards for vibration and shock, packaging, Surface finish Wiring Diagrams for Electrical Circuit in Vehicles Design of Light and Audio systems, Actuators, Sensors in Automotive applications DVT of HW Packaging Enclosures, Harness and Peripherals Assembly procedures and tools used in assembly of parts Regression testing across 3D Printed prototypes, T0 and T1 samples Rework procedures on HW packaging components, Harnesses and Peripheral components.
Familiar Level: Thermal Analysis Thermal Testing, Safety & Regulatory Pre-Compliance Testing Test Automation, design of test Jigs and fixtures Vibration, Drop and Shock testing/standards Plastics, Sheetmetal, Extrusions, Diecasting Materials Material Grades, UL standards for wiring Harness and insulation standards Material Selection for Automotive applications MIL217F/BELLCORE Reliability Standards Over moulding Processes Material Grades used for Surface treatment of PCBAs, Heatsinks and Enclosures Materials used for Sealants, Venting, Potting and Gluing of Electronic Assemblies ISO9001-15/QS9000 Quality Systems ESD Compliance standards, Component and PCBA Handling Technical Risk Management Tool Design and development process for Sheetmetal, Plastics Testing for Customer use case and abuse conditions EMI/EMC UL/VDE/IEC/BIS/CCC Safety standards IEC/EN Regulatory Standards Six Sigma PMP/Agile Methodology PPAP Process, Acceptance Criteria MIL217F/BELLCORE Reliability Standards
• SOLIDWORKS (B), MiniTAB (B), Crystall Ball (F), QFD (F), Pugh Matrix (B), Regression Analysis (F), DoE (B), Ansys/Flowtherm (F)
• Vernier Callipers (E), Screw gage (E), Level Table (E), Flow Meter (A), Thermocouple Calibration (A), DSO (B), DMM (B), Datalogger (B), Electronic Load (F), Thermal Chamber (B), Power Supplies (B), IMU Measurements (B), Accelerometer (B)

You bring to Ather:

  • B.Tech/M.Tech with Specialization in Mechanical Engineering
  • 2-4 years of experience in hands on design and development of Electronic Packaging, Peripheral Development and Harness Design
  •  Experience in exposure to Tooling for plastic and metallic parts, which is preferred

You’ll be collaborating with:

  • NPD teams to verify implementation of manufacturing test plans, Jigs and Fixtures
  • Technical resources from Manufacturers/Suppliers to deliver solutions to issues
  • NPD in carrying out RCA and Implementing CAPA during PPAP builds
  • PVL & Vehicle Engineering Teams, debug and resolve Integration issues during product development
  • If you love challenges, here’s what we have for you:
  • Establishing market leadership for customer experience, performance and reliability by achieving breakthrough innovation in application of hardware packaging materials, thermal performance while meeting requirements for regulatory and safety agency compliance.
  • Achieving minimal interference and weight of Hardware components with ever challenging and reducing real estate at the vehicle level
  • Engineering solutions that effectively mitigate risks and conflicts with ID requirements

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