Power Electronics - Design Engineer - Power Electronics

You’ll be our: Design Engineer

You’ll be based at: IBC Knowledge Park, Bengaluru
You’ll be a member of: Power Electronics

What you’ll do at Ather:

  • Meet Cost, Quality & Schedule goals for Programs/Projects.
  •  Prepare and present compliance statements against checklists/Templates during reviews on Design/Simulation, Schematic, PCB Layout, WCA, Tolerance Analyses, IP, Safety and Regulatory aspects of design.
  •  Maximize reuse of platforms and design resources to help reduce TTM, cost and enhance quality. Implement lessons learnt into designs.
  • Participate and contribute to DFMEA, DFM, DFA, DFC, DFS, DFR and Component Selection/derating reviews.
  • Execute e-DVT, debug issues and help build a database of lessons learnt from the design.
Here’s what we are looking for:

Expert Level: Power Electronics Design & Analysis Engineering DVT of Power Converters/Inverters/Drives
Advanced Level: Design and Analysis of High Frequency Magnetics Thermal Testing, Pre-Compliance & Certification Testing per Safety & Regulatory standards Semiconductor Device Characteristics – MOSFETs, IGBTs, Thyristors, Rectifiers Power Management ICs (Gate Drivers, PWM Controllers, LDOs, Switching Regulators, LED Drivers) Rework and soldering of SMD and thru-hole Devices on PCBAs
Basic Level: DFMEA Analog Circuit Design & Analysis Converters/Inverters/Drive Design &
Analysis Testing of Converters/Inverters/Drives Thermal Testing, Safety & Regulatory Pre-Compliance Testing Power Electronics Product Specifications Debug & Troubleshooting of Converters/Inverters/Drives Electrolytic and Ceramic Capacitors, NTC, PTC PCB Layout Design Effective Communication Control System Design & Analysis Magnetic Materials
Familiar Level: Relays, Contactors, MOV, GDT Technical Risk Management
Pb-Acid/Li-Ion Battery Charging Algorithms ESD Compliance standards, Component and PCBA Handling Design Verification and Testing of Power Electronic Systems and Embedded Systems

You bring to Ather:

B.Tech/M.Tech with Specialization in Power Electronics
1- 4 years of experience in hands on design and development of AC-DC/DC-DC Converters/Motor Drives/Inverters.

You’ll be collaborating with:

  • Technical resources from Manufacturers/Suppliers to deliver solutions to issues
  • NPD in carrying out RCA and Implementing CAPA during PPAP builds
  • SW team to test, debug and verify functional requirements of SW/FW
  • Component Engineering Framework to demonstrate compliance

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