Customer Service - Team lead- Customer Support

4 - 6 Years

A great product needs to be complemented with an even superior support experience. It’s those minor details, those endless moments when you wait on the call for the customer care to respond, the precise replies to your queries and a dash of genuineness in the interaction that make the difference between an irritating interaction and a great experience. And a great experience is a serious business for us. Exactly the reason why, we are building a custom relationship model from scratch.Unlike a traditional call centre model, CRM, as what we call it today, will offer you an ability to own end-to-end ownership experience for a limited set of customers. We want customers to have that one buddy who they talk to, every time they need anything. You will be leading the team that manages those customer interactions. Improving the quality of engagement between the relationship manager and the customers will be a crucial part of your role.To support you will be a robust in-house CRM system with extensive ownership data that will eliminate any information handicap - a spanner in most support scenarios. We are looking for a team player who has the ability to influence external stakeholders to ensure customer service issues are resolved while offering the customers the best experience.

What will I be doing at Ather?

  • As the person leading the troops, you will be responsible for quality, providing constructive feedback and improving the customer experience during interactions.
  • You will be the person motivating the team and driving quality, if conversations escalate you will be running interference for your team.
  • Supporting day to day operations of the team and improving the process based on customer feedback.
  • You will be responsible for a team of Customer Support Executives/Relationship Managers
  • Achieve superior business results through outstanding management of highly motivated, high-performing team(s) and the growth and development of individuals
  • Improve Customer Satisfaction through effective collaboration
  • Manage great quality of customer interactions and identifying training needs for the team

What kind of experience & skills do I need for this role?

  • We are looking for that potent mix of empathy for customers and the restlessness to solve their problems, no matter what. You should have had enough nightmarish experiences at the receiving end of typical customer care calls and hence know exactly what’s wrong with those kinds of calls.
  • You should have prior work experience in managing a customer service/guest relations team, preferably one that handles relationship for HNI customers of banks/premium products. 
  • 5+ years experience with 3+ years as a Team Leader.
  • Great communication skills in English is non-negotiable. Fluency in Hindi and a regional language will be good to have.
  • Presence of mind, at all times. While it may sound relatively easy and an omnipresent quality, a combination of situational awareness and an ability to proactively address concerns and anticipate issues based on available data is a key requirement.
  • Your job is not just to troubleshoot but to also work with other teams to manage and smoothen over customer concerns.
  • You should have a love for automobiles. When you are passionate about the product the ability to pick up the finest details is just faster. Curiosity and excitement about new technology is a great thing to have.

What should I have graduated in?

A graduate of science or engineering would be ideal for this role but is not a prerequisite. If you are passionate and knowledgeable about automobiles and technology, you will fit right in. Having a dose of humor, empathy and curiosity will also help.

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