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Sales Strategy Sales Strategy and Planning Associate

3 - 5 Years

YOU’LL BE OUR: Sales Strategy and Planning Associate
YOU’LL BE BASED AT: IBC Knowledge Park, Bangalore 
YOU’LL BE ALIGNED WITH: Senior Manager Retail


We are gearing up to expand the product, the Ather 450, across geographies and customer segments. We pride ourselves on building a unique scooter, ground-up, and that’s the same approach we want to take for the strategic initiatives and ancillary products, which enhance the buying and ownership experience of the 450. We are developing innovative, industry-first products which attune to the wants of the owners of the 450. As a team, we will be the major stakeholders in the set up of the next revenue stream for the firm.

If you enjoy learning about a lot of new things, coming up with (realistic) ideas and putting them on to implementation (post validation), you’d thrive in this role. The role requires a person to maintain a mix of focused-individual tasks & collaborative, inter-team collaborative tasks.

A typical day would involve a lot of brainstorming, organizing, prioritizing, coordinating with multiple teams, and analyzing, finally, to arrive at what’s working, only to take a go at it again.

The Immediate Projects you’d be associated with are : 

  • Research, design and implementation of the Ancillary product roadmap. (Buying methods, Insurance, Financing, Extended warranty, etc)

  • Operationalizing and scaling-up of AtherOne as a product.

  • Governance requirements enabling sales of products, such as Product manuals, Buying terms, warranty policy, Business change management, etc.

  • Design and implementation of new business processes (like processes to sell new products or manage customer data) within the business team.


The ideal candidate for this role must have the following skillsets: 

  1. Strategic thinking skills: 

    1. Analytical Skills - Must have the ability to translate raw information into actionable strategies and initiatives. He must demonstrate an ability to perform standard analyses such as performance analyses, competitive analyses, market analyses, etc.

    2. Creative problem solving  - Must be able to relate to the problem and come up with creative solutions and strategies. 

    3. Basic process design - Must be able to design & implement business processes using basic knowledge of DMEDI, six sigma, lean or other industry best practices. A six sigma green belt is desirable. 

  1. Planning skills :

    1. Project management: Must be able to chart out the scope, timeline, action steps, resource requirements & execution plan for inter-team projects. Must be able to collaborate with multiple stakeholders to get projects completed within timelines and budgets. 

    2. Detail orientation: Must have an eye for detail and must be able to read and comprehend policy documents, Government circulars, legal agreements, charters and other documents. 

    3. Self-learning approach: Must be able to solve for roadblocks and learn about new topics and  stay up-to-date with the latest in the industry.

  1. Execution skills: 

    1. Technical skills - Must be proficient with MS Excel, and should be able to pick up basic analytics on the tableau and other internal software.

    2. Collaboration skills: Must be able to consider multiple points of views from different teams. 

    3. Effective presentation skills

    4. Effective Communication skills


Post - Graduate from a tier-I/II Business-school or graduate from a tier-I engineering-school.


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