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Program Cost Should Cost Engineer

5 - 10 Years

YOU​’​LL​ ​BE​ ​OUR​:​Should Cost Engineer
YOU​’​LL​ ​BE​ ​BASED​ ​AT​:​ Bengaluru
YOU​’​LL​ ​BE​ A​LIGNED​ ​WITH​:​ Deputy General Manager - Program Cost
YOU​’​LL​ ​BE​ ​A​ ​MEMBER​ ​OF​: ​Corporate Finance & Accounts

W​HAT​ ​YOU​’​LL​ ​DO​ ​AT​ A​THER​:
● Will be part of the program cost team responsible bringing in ​proficiency in process time calculation for various manufacturing processes
● You would use Should cost data to help the Design engineering team to adopt design to cost approach 
● You will work with sourcing team to analyse the cost break up from vendor and perform detailed gap analysis between ZBC and quote
● Propose Best Cost Country depending on the commodity
● Suggest and help vendors understand the alternative manufacturing processes 
● Good knowledge of machine hour rates for different machine makes
● Knowledge of manufacturing and assembly process sequence and select the most cost effective MPP
● Good knowledge of machine hour rates for different machine makes
● Thorough knowledge on different manufacturing processes such as Casting (HPDC, LPDC, GDC, Investment casting); Machining (Milling, drilling, turning etc); Forging (Hot and Cold, Die, Roller etc); Tubular structures; Sheet metal operations; Welding, Soldering;Injection moulding & Compression moulding; CED, Powder coating, plating, painting etc ● Exposure to tooling cost calculation is a plus
● Automotive experience is preferred.  

● B.E Mechanical with 5-10 years of experience in manufacturing & costing 

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