Brand Head Business Analyst

8 - 10 Years

You’ll be our:Lead Business Analyst

You’ll be based at:IBC Knowledge Park, Bengaluru

You’ll be aligned with: Head, Marketing

You’ll be a member of:Marketing

What You’ll do at ather:

  • Our consumer journey is a wealth of information captured at different touchpoints of interaction. Not only are the online touchpoints like the website, email marketing, digital marketing, app interactions, social engagement tracked, we also accumulate information through physical touchpoints like the experience centre, call interactions, vehicle service interactions  or events. Our need for analytics extends beyond business to manufacturing, app analytics, finance and our human resources function.
  • We want someone who is part of the brand journey and finds questions that data can answer. An explorer than an analyst. From deciding the structure of the experiments to building the data pipeline to finding the insights and deciding business actionable, it’s owned by this person. The ability to translate business requirements into actionable insights and easy to use dashboards.
  • We have an existing BI tool (Tableau) in place. We are looking to now grow the team and the BI capabilities across the organization. 

Here’s What we Are Looking for: 

  • 8-10 years of working experience in the data analytics field in a data-driven company, should give you an eye for what to look for.
  • Experience in working with some leading BI tools like Tableau, Power BI, Metabase.
  • An experience of working with cross-functional teams will be a necessity. 
  • Ambiguity will be in abundance and delivery expectation ahead of resources. If that isn’t comforting, this role is possibly not the best match for you. 
  • Your communication skills will make sure how far your point of view travels, so can’t ignore that. 
  • Playing with data needs an analytic bend of hypothesis validation and needs a method in the madness. So process orientation and ability to structure tasks is an implicit requirement. Attention to detail and system understanding would augment this skill. 
  • Consumer understanding and marketing channel understanding will be an added bonus which will make the insight process easier.
  • Experience in writing SQL queries is a must
  • Basic knowledge of server and cloud systems.
  • Basic understanding of working with Grafana, Kibana and data studio.

You Bring to Ather:

  • Most people do engineering or a mathematics graduation. They also tend to have some certification or course on data management, software, and SQL or other languages under their belt. Did you have a different journey to get here? We’re ok to hear that out too. 
  • A job description speaks about what you will definitely do. As the organization scales, it will need business intelligence across new businesses too. And some more things that you’ll tell us can be done. 

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