Creative Creative Lead - Business Communication

7 - 10 Years

you’ll be our:  Creative Lead - Business Communications

you’ll be based at: IBC, Bangalore 

you’ll be Aligned with: Creative lead 

you’ll be A member of: Creative, Marketing team

What will I be doing at Ather?

Build Ather’s creative, design and communication prowess for scale with zero compromise on  the brand values. 

We are going from 10 cities in early 2021 to about 50 cities by the end of FY21. The basic tenets of the brand have been laid. And things have been carefully crafted so far. However scaling up rapidly and yet not compromising on the core brand values  is a different ball game. And business-as-usual will be more demanding than ever. In this context, we are looking out for a creative leader who can consolidate existing teams, scale up communication, build external partnerships, and create an environment for great creative work to flourish. 

As Creative Lead for Business Communications at Ather, you’ll be dealing with a complex and unique set of challenges. Delightful user experience, clean and premium imagery, being purposeful and not-being-pushy are some of the values we strongly adhere to. You will be responsible for scaling up the marketing and business communications and staying true to the organisation’s values. And if that’s enough we believe in the power of regional communications. So operating at scale isn’t necessarily a one-size-fits-all approach either :) Not to mention the need for breakthrough creativity in whatever you and the team will be responsible for delivering. 

Some specifics 

  1. Build design, copy and content teams to support business & marketing objectives

  2. Deliver quick and effective communication/design/content solutions for business problems 

  3. Conceptualize and deliver campaigns across mediums with internal teams or external partners

  4. Collaborate and build relationships with creative agencies to deliver campaigns for various marketing objectives

  5. Collaborate and build partnerships with regional agencies and content creators to drive local campaigns and content ideas 

  6. Work with cross-functional teams for providing support on business requirements

  7. Mentor internal team members 

  8. Work closely with brand, P.R, Sales on quarterly and annual plans 

  9. Set up relevant systems and process for scale 

  10. Keep the logo small

 What kind of experience & skills do I need for this role?

  • A strong ability to understand the ‘why’

  • Understand briefs, conceptualize ideas, align with stakeholders and driving them to execution

  • Quick turnaround on business communications briefs 

  • Experienced in regional campaign and content building will be helpful 

  • Ability to work with cross functional teams in a matrix style of working

  • Ability to get a strong understanding of the consumer 

  • Knowledge of Adobe Suite if you are coming from the art side. 

  • 8-10 years of experience leading copy/design/content or business communications team 

Some attributes that you bring to this role?

Ability to articulate an argument clearly, leading people with empathy, convincing stakeholders, embracing change, managing tasks, and meeting timelines are some of the important attributes we are looking for in this role. 

What should I have graduated in?

Doesn’t matter as long as you have exceptional design sensibilities, creative thinking and excellent communications skills. Professional training in communication design, visual communication and writing will help. 

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