Frequently Asked Questions

Someone asked us. So we thought you should also know!


The S340 can achieve a top speed in excess of 70 kmph. 

We are still in the process of completely testing the range of the S340. At present, on a full charge, the S340 can travel 80 km @ a fixed speed of 40 kmph. This would translate to a real-life range of approximately 60 km in city conditions.

Yes, you will be able to. The S340 requires a data signal to transfer cached data packets to our servers. Although, the lack of data connection could affect the navigation functionality.

Of course, you can. In fact, since the Ather S340 does not have an exhaust pipe, you can drive through puddles of water with a lot more confidence than before.

Yes. We are using a high intensity display and an adjusted contrast of the dash such that it will be easily viewable even in the sun.