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AtherGrid Network
  • What is AtherGrid?

    AtherGrid is a network of charging points installed across the city at the places you anyway go to, like corporate parks, malls, cafes/restaurants, multiplexes and even gyms that’s built for both Ather and non-Ather EVs.

  • What is a Point?

    Every charging unit, at a host location is called a Point.

  • How many charging locations are up in the city?

    As of today, we have 21 host locations up and running. There should be around 25 locations ready to be used by next month. By the end of the year, we aim to install Points across 40 locations, making range anxiety a thing of the past. AtherGrid has been planned in a way so that you are always within 4 km driving distance from a Point, from wherever you are in the city. Keep an eye out; we are adding new Point every few days to our network.

  • Can there be charging points in public parking spaces and not just private ones like malls and tech parks?

    Currently, there are no government-led initiatives inviting tenders to set up charging stations in public locations. However, we are interested in partnering with vehicle parking space entities to make our network more accessible and ubiquitous.