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Non-Ather EVs
  • Can I use my non-Ather vehicle to charge using AtherGrid?

    Any non-Ather vehicle could be charged using AtherGrid if it’s connector is compatible with 5A/15A socket.

  • Can I fast charge my non-Ather electric vehicle?

    Only Ather vehicles are compatible with the fast charging protocol of AtherGrid today, the reason why other vehicles cannot be fast charged using AtherGrid. AC charging for Non-Ather vehicles is available up to 2.5 kW.

  • Can I charge my non-Ather EV using the private charging Points?

    The Point installed in a house is meant only for charging an Ather vehicle. You could use AtherGrid - the public charging network that’s open for all EVs. And, it’s designed in a way that it allows the use of a regular 5A/15A plug that most of the other EVs use.

  • Do I have to carry my own charger to use AtherGrid?

    Ather vehicles use a specially designed connector that’s of a completely different make and can't be used by other vehicles to charge. That's why all non-Ather vehicles need to carry the adapter/charger of their own vehicle.