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Ather Subscription

  • By when do I have to choose a subscription plan? What is the default plan in case I miss the timeline or forget to choose any subscription plan?

    You would have to choose your subscription plan at the time of completing the final payment when you purchase the vehicle. You will have to renew the subscription plan, by choosing the one that suits you at the end of one year of ownership of the vehicle. The default plan is Ather One.

  • I will be out of the country for a few months. Can I suspend or hibernate my subscription plan during this period, and activate it once I am back?

    That’s currently not possible; there is no option to hibernate your plan.

  • Can I switch from an Ather Service plan to an Ather Charge plan or vice versa? How can I do that?

    Absolutely! It’s possible to switch between Ather Service and Ather Charge even in the middle of your billing cycle. However, you may be charged a one-time servicing fee upon inspection at the start of the subscription period when you're making the switch from Ather Charge to Ather Service., which is only fair.

  • I have realized that Ather One makes more sense for me. I would like to upgrade from my Ather Connect / Charge / Service to Ather One.

    No problem at all. We'd be happy to upgrade you even during an ongoing billing cycle. You will just have to pay the deficit amount, and some fair terms and conditions will be applicable, the details of which are being worked upon. Obviously, we will make sure that it is made available to you well before your free subscription period ends :)

  • My usage of the vehicle has reduced since I relocated very close to my workplace. Is it possible for me to downgrade my subscription plan and pay-as-I-go for additional services?

    Of course, it’s possible. You can opt to downgrade from Ather One to Ather Service / Ather Charge / Ather Connect or from Ather Service / Ather Charge to Ather Connect at the end of a subscription period that you've already paid for. But, you wouldn’t be able to downgrade in the middle of a subscription period.

  • Is there a cost to switching between plans, upgrade or downgrade to a different plan?

    If you are switching to Ather Service or Ather One from Ather Connect or Ather Charge, you may be charged a one-time servicing fee at the time of the vehicle inspection, at the start of the new subscription period, right when you're making the switch. We would never levy a charge that’s unfair.

  • Will the price of your subscription plans increase later?

    Not to worry at all, it’s unlikely to change in the near future. Our subscription plans are currently priced to offer the best value to our customers. So, we don’t intend to hike up the price, unless there is a shift in the costs of the components, consumables and other relevant stuff in the market. We as a company will keep reviewing the price from time to time, and update it based on prevailing market conditions.

  • What is the schedule for periodic servicing as a part of Ather Service/Ather One subscription plan?

    We will inspect your vehicle once every 5,000 km at your doorstep and complete service at our service centre once every 10,000 km (with doorstep pickup and return). Periodic servicing is covered under Ather Service and Ather One, you won't have to pay anything extra when it comes to consumables and labour charge.

  • What are the consumables that will be covered under Ather One/Ather Service subscription plan?

    Once your vehicle is inspected, here are the consumables that will be replaced, as and when required.

      -FR & RR wheel bearings
      -Steering bearings
      -Front fork seal
      -Swingarm bushes
      -Brake pads (two wheels per year)
      -Primary and secondary belts

    Additionally, we will also do a top-up of brake fluid and front fork oil.

  • What if there is an issue with some components of the scooter? Do I have to pay for their replacement?

    Well, here’s where Ather subscription comes into play. If you have subscribed to Ather One or Ather Service, replacement of the consumables (as mentioned in the above answer) is covered (subject to inspection) and, you won't have to pay anything extra.

    Additionally, we will also top-up brake fluid and front fork oil. All other components that are not covered under the plan are covered under warranty. In case there’s a damage due to an accident, the insurance cover will take care of it.

  • How much will I be charged for pay-as-you-go services. Where will I get this information?

    We understand that you might want to do the math, so get the information here.

  • What is the turnaround time for roadside assistance? How long after I place a request will someone reach the location?

    You shouldn’t have to wait longer than 45 minutes. However, this may vary depending on weather and traffic conditions at the time of your request.

  • What happens if I take my vehicle outside the city during the period that I have paid for a subscription plan?

    Simply put, it’s a risk. Our services are currently not available beyond the serviceable area of Bengaluru. We would be unable to provide services such as roadside assistance, charging cost reimbursement and won't be able to assure the usability of features such as onboard navigation, if your vehicle beyond our reach. Even when your vehicle is covered under one of our subscription plans.

  • Ather One plan says that if I charge at home, the charging cost will be reimbursed. At what rate / tariff will the reimbursement happen? How would you reimburse the amount?

    In Bengaluru, we will reimburse at the rate of ₹6.50 per unit which pertains to the 101-200 kWh per month energy consumption slab of the LT-2(a)(i) Tariff category applicable to domestic areas under BBMP.

    In Chennai, we will reimburse at the rate of ₹4.60 per unit which pertains to the 201-500 kWh per month energy consumption slab of I-A Low Tension Supply Tariff issued by TANGEDCO

    The charging reimbursements, i.e.,the money equivalent to the cost of charging will be credited in your wallet every quarter, money equivalent to the cost of charging to you via an online mode of payment, during the month following the assessment quarter. Please note that the tariff considered for reimbursement is subject to change.

  • I do not want to pay for data. Is there any other plan that I can use?

    What would be a smartphone without data? Same is the case here. As you know, intelligence is an integral part of an Ather scooter, and that's why it is heavily reliant on data. This is what helps us understand your ride, your vehicle, riding conditions and thereby run diagnostics, push over-the-air updates, give ride recommendations and run services like navigation. So naturally, data becomes the core to deliver the ideal ownership experience. That’s why it has been kept a constant in each of the plans, and the reason why you can't opt out of it.

  • What if a customer doesn't pay for subscription?

    The services mentioned in the plan would be available at the pay-as-you-go rates, and features that depend on data and connectivity such as navigation, over-the-air upgrades, smart charging, remote monitoring etc. won’t be accessible if the subscription fees are not paid. Of course, you will be receiving reminders.

  • What happens if one or many of the features or services that I have paid for stays inactive for a period of time?

    We will obviously ensure that you have a happy experience with our services. However, in the rare event when you are unable to enjoy the benefit of the paid service, we will ensure that you are fairly compensated.