Vehicle Topics
  • Have you set up your dealership network?

    It's the age where we shop right from groceries to furniture to electronics online, so why not make buying a vehicle as easy.

    Upsides? With no dealership format, we have cut down on middlemen, so that we are the sole point of contact, and can deliver a far better ownership experience. Our experience centre - AtherSpace is where customers get to know the vehicle intimately, as our enthusiastic product specialists give the tour of the place and arrange for a test ride. Also, it gives us a chance to understand our customers better, and allows us to get first-hand feedback.

    Hence, we are not looking at outsourcing the sales of the vehicle, at least not at this moment.

  • For a start-up company, don’t you run a risk, by not having the support of a dealer network?

    Not really. We would like to engage with each customer directly and gauge their interest and address any concerns they may have. At present, with the online model, we will be able to achieve that better. However, if in the future we feel the need for a dealer network, we will evaluate our plans, and adapt accordingly. But, at this moment, we would say that it's only working in our favour.

  • How does the online model work?

    Anyone interested in buying the product can register at our website to get added to our pre-order interest list. There will be open houses conducted in each city of launch to address their queries and to offer test rides. Also, AtherSpace - our experience centre will be set up beforehand to give a chance to the pre-order interest folks to interact with the vehicle. And if one finds it worth the buy, they can pre-order it to get the delivery on the first come first serve basis.

    The delivery timeline will be shared at the time of making a pre-order. Next steps - charging assessment, only after installing the home charging solution will they have to make the full payment.