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Post-purchase | Subscription Plans

  • Will Ather provide post purchase support to the customer after the sale? If yes, what kind of support?

    We deeply care about the ownership experience of our customers. Which means we won't stop at just selling the scooter to you, we will ensure that every aspect of your ownership journey, from purchase to after-sales is hassle-free. We’ll offer support in three areas - 1) charging at Ather Grid - our public fast-charging network. We have a strong Ather Grid network in Bengaluru and a fast-growing one in Chennai. We are committed to building an ubiquitous network of charging points in every city that we enter. 2) vehicle service - we will have a dedicated service team in every city that we sell in (currently, our teams are present in Bengaluru and Chennai) 3) connected services to improve your experience of riding, charging, and using other smart features.

  • What are connected services? Why does this cost money? Is it mandatory to go for this?

    The Ather 450X is not just a powerful electric scooter. It is a smart & connected scooter too. This means it connects to the internet and to your phone to unlock a whole lot of value and convenience for your ride. Usability of navigation, access to new features and enhancements through over-the-air upgrades, and access to vehicle information on your phone via the app all are included in connected services. To enable connectivity, the vehicle comes with a 4G SIM on which there's a monthly cost for data. Additionally, giving users access to their own vehicle's data requires the data to be stored, which is another cost that's included in the subscription plan. It's your call whether you wish to opt for the connected services pack.You just may not be able to experience the true potential of an intelligent electric scooter like the Ather 450X.

  • Why do you have subscription plans?

    The experience of our customer with Ather doesn’t end with the purchase of the vehicle. From using the connected features to charging at home or at Ather Grid, our public charging infrastructure to servicing, the customer will continue to interact with the brand in different ways. The Ather subscription plans seek to take care of the experiences of the customer after purchase.

  • Will the subscription plans be common for Ather 450X, Ather 450 Plus, and Ather 450?

    Yes, the subscription plans and pricing will be common for all the products.

  • What’s the key difference between the Lite & Pro plans for Ather Service and Ather Connect?

    Ather Connect: the Lite plan gives you access to features on the vehicle that will work with mobile internet and do not require connectivity to your Ather app, for example, Navigation. It will also give you access to new features and improvements on the dashboard alone. the Pro plan, in addition to covering all features of the Lite plan, gives you access to the features enabled by app-scooter connectivity, i.e. Ride Statistics, personalized reminders, notifications, thus providing a 360-degree connected experience. Ather Service: the Lite plan covers labour + consumables expenses for all servicing interventions (including periodic maintenance & maintenance required on an as-needed basis) & 24x7 unlimited roadside assistance. The Pro plan, in addition to what’s covered in Ather Service Lite, offers the added convenience of doorstep pick-up/return, where customers don’t have to worry about paying a visit to the service center and planning things around it.

  • If I am eligible for 1 year of free Service Pro by virtue of booking and purchasing Collector’s Edition, what happens if I take Ather 450X on lease as the lease plan includes Service Lite by default?

    Customers who're eligible for Collector's Edition and opt for lease will get Service Pro for the entire duration of their lease.

  • Is it mandatory to be on at least one of the subscription plans? What happens if I don’t opt for subscription?

    No it is not mandatory to be on any subscription plan. If you have not subscribed to any plan, you won't have access to the connected features and will have to pay for servicing as per the pay-as-you-go rates.

  • Do I have to subscribe to subscription plans to get bluetooth related features via OTA updates in the future?

    No, you don't have to. Bluetooth features will be available always if you've purchased an Ather 450X.

  • Why is there no monthly billing cycle?

    The quarterly or annual billing cycle is in place to minimize the number of times a customer has to worry about paying for charging or maintenance in a year. Additionally, offerings such as periodic maintenance, which are usually availed over the longer term, make the case for an quarterly or annual billing cycle as it won’t make much sense for a customer to pay for subscription during certain months in which their vehicle is not serviced.

  • What is the schedule for periodic servicing as a part of the Ather Service plans?

    We will inspect your vehicle once every 5,000 km at your doorstep and complete service at our service centre once every 10,000 km (with doorstep pickup and return).

  • What are the consumables that will be covered under Ather Service plans?

    Once your vehicle is inspected, here are the consumables that will be replaced, as and when required. - FR & RR wheel bearings -Steering bearings -Front fork seal -Swingarm bushes -Brake pads (two wheels per year) -Primary and secondary belts Additionally, we will also do a top-up of brake fluid and front fork oil.