Vehicle Topics
Pre Order
  • How do I purchase the vehicle?

    You would first need to reserve a scooter, by making a pre-order here. Next, we will contact & guide you through the process end-to-end. The registration details, charging setup and delivery options all of it. 45 days before delivery you would receive the link to make full payment (along with the loan/lease options), to make the final purchase. Since we are currently producing only a limited number of scooters, expect a wait time.

  • Is it mandatory to register before I pre-order, so as to purchase the vehicle?

    Yes, pre-order is a must to purchase Ather scooters. Reason being, currently we are producing only a limited number of vehicles, and we are following a pre-order-first sales process. It's an entirely refundable amount anyways, no questions asked. That's the way you reserve your right to the queue.

  • I would like to buy more than one scooter from my pre-order registration, is it possible?

    We understand you might be interested in reserving another scooter for a family member or a friend. Hence we haven't placed any restriction on the number of pre-orders per user. However, for every scooter, you need to make a pre-order separately.

  • My pre-order was made in a different name, I want to purchase the vehicle in a different name, how do I do it?

    After you've made your pre-order, you can change your ownership details by getting in touch with our relationship managers, untill your full payment has been made. You can contact us on +91 7676 600 900 for the same. Once invoiced, ownership details can only be changed at the time of re-sale.

  • Can’t I directly purchase the vehicle at AtherSpace?

    You can only make a pre-order at AtherSpace. You will be required to make the final payment for your order online, at a later date, before the vehicle delivery. We have kept it simple, and it's integrated with the necessary platforms seamlessly.

  • Can I purchase the vehicle on EMI? Do you offer financing options?

    Yes, absolutely. We have tied up with one of the best financiers in the country, who offers one of the best rates in the industry.

  • How do I check my order status?

    After you pre-order, soon enough you would receive a link to activate your Ather Account. You can check your order status at any time by logging into your dashboard

  • What support would I get for the battery pack post the warranty period?

    The battery pack is designed to last for 50,000 km, at which point it should still have enough capacity for a regular commute. Just in case you need to replace it, you can purchase a replacement from Ather. We are currently working on a battery exchange/buy-back program, to get you a new battery at a lower cost and repurpose your old battery pack. We hope to announce that soon, once we have more clarity on it.

  • How many days does it take for you to deliver the vehicle after I have made the payment?

    Ather follows a strict first come first serve policy when it comes to deliveries. The date of your vehicle delivery depends on the date and time of your pre-order, and the timely follow-up of the necessary steps after that. The estimated delivery quarter will be communicated to you at our website, at the time of making a pre-order, and you would know the exact delivery week before you make the final payment.