Vehicle Topics
  • What features have been incorporated to address range anxiety?

    The Ather 450 and 340 can predict range accurately. The range is displayed in 'kilometres available' rather than percentage of charge, to make it easier for the user to determine if charging-on-the-go is required, or simply switching to eco mode would do the job. For emergency cases, AtherGrid a network of fast-DC-chargers across the city is always available, that can charge Ather vehicles at 1 km/min.

  • Why have you not chosen to use a hub motor?

    When we started Ather, there were no Hub motors in the market that could match the performance of 100-125cc scooters. Our vehicles were always meant to be no-compromise products, and hub motors couldn’t simply match the performance requirement of our vehicle. If hub motors improve and are able to deliver the required performance, we might consider them for our future products.

  • There is no footpeg, where do I rest my feet?

    There's a constant struggle with footpegs. The pillion always wants it, but the rider finds it inconvenient. That's why we have designed a comfortable footrest that's integrated into the frame, and there is ample space for the pillion to rest his/her feet. No hassle of flapping it in and out.

  • Is the Dashboard rain resistant?

    The dashboard is IP65 rated, it not only just works fine while it's drizzling, and can withstand rains too. We are working on a rain detection feature that can disable the dashboard during rains, to avoid any unintentional touches during a heavy downpour.

  • Can I select the SIM that will be used in the dashboard?

    No, the scooter comes with a pre-installed sim, so there is no option of selecting a service provider.

  • Is the range of 55 km in Sport and 65 km in Ride mode of the Ather 450 a minimum guaranteed number?

    Range depends on multiple factors. The numbers given are indicative of what one is highly likely to get in the respective riding modes. However, these numbers can differ as it depends on the road conditions, gradients and load on the vehicle, while you are riding. We have arrived at these numbers taking into consideration the usual riding behaviour and observations from the first batch of Ather 450s that hit the road (Doesn’t include the harsh riding conditions and behaviour). To get a deeper understanding read up the blog.