Business - Experience Center Manager - Chennai

5-10 years
What will I be doing at Ather?

If you have been the target of a stubborn salesman, you know exactly what we do not want for our customers! We pride ourselves on building a unique scooter ground-up and that’s the same approach we want to take for our Experience Centre (EC).

Unlike traditional automobile companies Ather will not have dealerships and stores, instead, we will be setting up Experience Centres in all the cities we launch in and consumers can purchase the S340 online. Our EC will be a mix of technology and human interactions to bring the S340 to life, educate customers and give them a taste of the brand. As a product specialist at the. Experience Centre you will be the face of our brand and will manage the customer experience. Ather and the S340 will be kickstarting the nascent smart electric vehicle industry in India, and there will be a lot of curiosity amongst our consumers. That’s where you and the EC come in. It will be a hub for consumers to learn about the S340, and discover its various dimensions

The proof of any good automobile is in its ride. You will be organising the test rides and simulations while ensuring it is a pleasurable experience, despite the city traffic. Simply put, you are the front end of all things Ather - the person on the EC floor, wowing customers.

What kind of experience & skills do I need for this role?
  • You should be an automobile enthusiast and have the passion to learn more about automobiles and what’s happening in the automotive world. Not as an engineer but as an enthusiast.
  • Good communication skills in English (verbal) is a base requirement and any other regional language will be a definite plus.
  • Having some years of experience in handling retail customers and managing a team on a retail floor is a must. This doesn’t necessarily have to be in the automobile industry. 
  • Experience in any retail spaces where delivering a compelling customer experience is important will work.

What should I have graduated in?

Graduate in Science/Engineering would be ideal but we are happy to overlook this if you are confident in your know-how of technology.

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