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The Ather 450X Series 1, is a limited edition batch made for the early adopters of the Ather 450X.

  • Space Grey
  • White
  • Mint Green
  • Series1

Meet Ather 450X.

Side view of Ather electric scooter

All Brain. All Power. All Electric. Everything you imagined your next ride to be and beyond. The Ather 450X.

  • Space Grey
  • White
  • Mint Green
  • Series1

The Ather 450X Series 1, is a limited edition, made-to-order batch exclusively made for the early adopters of the Ather 450X. See it in its glory here.

Never take your phone
out when you ride.

A 17.78 cm (7") LCD display for everything you need to see on your ride - from navigation to incoming calls to nearest charging points.

  • Navigations Icon
  • Bluetooth Icon
  • Bluetooth Icon

Quick. Exhilarating.

Engineered ground-up with a singular focus on performance, the Ather 450X is a sheer joy to ride. Out accelerate everyone with a twist on the throttle, cruise at top speeds and criss-cross across the city on a single charge.

  • 80 km/h
  • 3.3 s
  • 116 km
Image of Ather electric scooter on road



TPMS image TPMS tranparent responsive

Ather TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System) Performance is in the air!

Designed for
our roads.

  • Water-resistant IP 67 rated pressure die cast aluminum battery pack.
  • Time we save your back Centrally mounted mono-shock suspension in the rear
  • Stop.With two disc brakes - front & rear
  • Work out your legs later.

    Play Icon

    Get your scooter off slopes, tight parking spots or uneven terrain with reverse assist.

  • Top view of Ather electric scooter boot space

    Space for all your
    needs, wants &

    Play Icon Pause Icon

    With a 22 l storage there’s nothing stopping you from carrying what you want.


Never go to refuel again. Meet Ather Dot. A dedicated, connected and easy-to-install home charger to recharge your Ather 450X in your own parking space.

  • Battery Icon
  • Charging Toggle Icon
  • Home Charging installation Icon
Ather scooter plugged to home EV charging station


Fast charge your Ather 450X at any of the Ather Grid public charging points in your city. Find one on the Ather app or on the dashboard. Going on a long ride? Carry a portable charger along.

  • Charging Icon
  • Charge status Icon
  • Plug point Icon
Ather electric scooter charging at Ather Grid

Keep an eye
on your Scooter

One app for everything Ather. Connect to the scooter, charger and the cloud to access information & features remotely.

Mobile view of Ather app tracking electric scooter charging status
  • Ride Statistics
  • Book scooter servicing icon
  • Grid icon

That’s not all

Side stand sensors, Incognito mode, Guide-me-home lights, Monthly riding reports.

Not one scooter but two

  • Ather 450 Plus

    Ather 450X

  • 3.9 s 3.3 s
  • 70 km 85 km
  • 5.4 kW 6 kW
  • 22 Nm 26 Nm
  • 10 km in 10 min 15 km in 10 min


  • Ather 450 Plus

    Ather 450X

    • Ather Dot Icon
      Ather Dot Icon
    • Stamp Icon
    • Icon
Ather Dot Icon
Ather Dot Icon
Stamp Icon


  • Ather 450 Plus

    Ather 450X

  • Financed by
    Hero FinCorp Ltd,HDFC Bank
    IDFC First Bank
    Financed by
    Hero FinCorp Ltd,HDFC Bank
    IDFC First Bank
  • Commitment free lease
    starting at ₹3,868
    Commitment free lease
    starting at ₹4,637

Put your old two-
wheeler to good use.
Trade in for an Ather.

Contact the Ather Space in your city to know more

Zero ownership

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Disclaimer: Ather 450X Electric Scooter is one of the quickest scooters in the 125 cm3 (cc) scooter category. • All specifications/figures are indicative only and subject to requisite certification(s). • Battery replacement shall be applicable during RC validity, subject to payment of applicable subscription charges. Degradation/performance of the battery shall be determined solely by Ather. • Switching between different performance levels is subject to applicable conditions. • Ather may form partnerships or alliances with third parties from time to time in order to facilitate the provision of its products and services. • Specifications, pricing and product availability are subject to change without notice. Images shown on the website are for representation purposes only. Please follow applicable laws while using the vehicle. • All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

Beware of scammers in Ather’s clothing. Don’t get duped.

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Top view of smart Ather electric scooter dashboard

Touch. Tap. Scroll.

  • Icon 2
  • Cloud Icon
  • Intelligence Icon
  • Bluetooth Icon

Navigate to
a charging point

Dark Theme
Save your driver's license, registration certficate and other documents on the dashboard.
Smart Electric Scooter Dashboard

An ever improving scooter

With over-the-air software upgrades there’s always something new in your scooter. New features, feature upgrades, UI enhancements - the possibilities are endless. Check the software upgrade history here.

Close up of electric scooter dashboard installing update


Warp Mode

Engine Motor

A 6kW PMS motor brings out the true goodness of electric: 26 Nm of instant torque and the addictive acceleration.

Funtional view of performance tyres for electric scooters

Brains & brawn.

60,00,000 km of ride data, new 21700 lithium-ion cells and a smarter battery management system, allow us to make the Ather 450X battery pack even better than its predecessor.

Top view of water resistant electric scooter battery pack
  • Lithium-ion battery pack

  • Unconditionally protected

  • Water resistant & Dust proof


The certified range for the Ather 450X is 116 km. Simply put, that’s what the scooter is capable of offering in ideal conditions. What we care about is what you get on the road. Because that’s far from ideal - instant acceleration, repeated braking, pillion rider - everything affects range. And we call that number the True Range.

  • Eco
  • Ride
  • Sports
  • Warp

85 km

70 km

60 km

Why care?


Never forget to take off the side stand again.

Smart Electric Scooter Dashboard

Go Incognito

Stop all location tracking with Incognito mode.

Front view of Ather electric scooter

Guide-me-home lights

Never stroll back home in the dark again. Guide-me-home-lights that stay on for 10 sec after switch off.

A Monthly Ride Log

Delivered to your inbox; designed to help you get the best ride from your Ather 450X.