An electric ride

0 to 40 kmph
Top speed
Stop. Start. Wheee.

Designed for today’s stop and go traffic conditions, the BLDC motor offers an optimum 14 Nm of instant torque and a peak power output of 5kW for cruising at top speed.

The power-pack

High capacity for range, high power output for acceleration, long life, and fast charging. We struggled to find one pack that has all of these. So we took an easy way out. Built one ourselves.

  • High capacity 2.2 kWh
    Li-ion battery pack
  • A long life
    of 50,000 km
  • Fast charging
    to 80% in 1 hr
  • IP67
    water resistant

The range you get on paper is the range you get on the road. No tall claims. Not just that, the intelligent Battery Management System and a range prediction algorithm helps predict the range accurately.

Reverse mode

Acts just like a reverse gear. Glide out of tight parking spots effortlessly.

Powered by intelligence

Today, technology allows us to understand the vehicle, the way you ride and the ride conditions, in ways that were not possible before. The magic is in turning all this knowledge into intelligence that’s specific to your ride. So all you do is enjoy the ride. Welcome to the future of commute.

Interactive dash

A 7” capacitive touchscreen is your gateway to an intelligent ride experience. An intuitive information display ensures that it only shows the relevant information, while you are on the road. Best part, IP65 rating ensures an uncompromised performance, come rain or shine.

Never take your phone out

Directions? Faster routes? Nearby charging Points? The onboard navigation provides you information on the go - whether it is a better route or traffic updates.

Your ride, on your phone

Know your charge status, push navigation to your vehicle, view your ride patterns, get tips for improving vehicle performance, request for vehicle diagnostics - manage all this remotely with your Ather app.

An ever-improving scooter

Your S340 is an ever-improving scooter. Simply update the vehicle firmware through over-the-air updates, and enjoy new features while we keep learning from your ride patterns.

Refuel. Whenever, wherever.

Recharging your S340 is a breeze. Probably unlike any other refueling experience before. AtherGrid is intelligent, available at the right places, and it goes without saying that it’s safe and reliable.

At home

A home charging Point is equipped with surge protection and authenticated power transfer so that it’s safe and works only with an Ather vehicle. With auto cut-off and app integration, charging is an unattended overnight activity.


You’ll never be more than 4 km away from a Point. All Points have at least one fast charger allowing you to recharge your S340 quickly. Keep an eye out, you’ll spot one soon at your favourite hangout joint, workout place or shopping destination.

  • Fast charge: up to 50 km of range
    in 1 hour

Need to refuel on the go? Simply plug your S340 to a regular 5A socket using the charging cable.

Pre-orders open in June

Just like the S340, we designed and crafted the ownership experience from scratch. Complete details on the ownership and the pricing will be unveiled on the day of the launch.

Be the early one to know about all the important updates. Add yourself to the pre-order interest list.

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