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Ather 450Apex

Ex-showroom ₹ 1 88 999
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Ex-showroom₹ 1 88 999
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Ather 450ApexTM

It's the new law of motion. A breakthrough in how scooters ride. A revolution in how scooters look.
Our quickest mode ever
The new Warp+TM
Take off instantly. Our zero lag throttle-to-wheel response gives a whole new meaning to 'quick'.
Ready. Set. Go.
0 to 40 in 2.9 seconds. Feels even quicker.
A new dimension of warping unlocked, with the new UI.
Acts faster than you react.
From throttle input to wheel movement, there's absolutely zero lag. The patented technology on 450 Apex TM makes it the only scooter in the world to achieve that. This means you will be the first to cross the signal, always.
450 Apex TM
90 ms
Human Blink
200 ms*
ICE Scooters
400 ms**
Move like a blur
Move at 100 km/h
Feels good to have a top speed like this.
Feels even better when your ride is so composed, even at this speed.
Nimble. Stable.
In control.
Tilt, lean or zigzag.
Even at top speed.
Introducing the next revolution
Magic Twist TM
The world's first ever only-throttle ride is here. Speed up or slow down using the same throttle. More logical. More intuitive. More fun.
It's a new way of braking#. A whole new way of riding.
Twist up. Twist down.
Speed up. Slow down.
Brake less. Ride more.
Apex color
Glossy outside. Frosted inside. A chassis that reveals itself through the transparent panels. Dramatically.
Apex color
The never-before 'Indium Blue' with a depth of red. Not matte. Not glossy. A rich satin-like feel. 450% original.
Apex color
With a chassis like that, we couldn't help but show it out loud. Stark orange, that draws all the eyeballs.
Apex color
10 years of firsts. 10 years of defying
two wheeler norms. It's a 10-year
special edition for a reason.
Apex collectibles
Our secret stash of accessories and goodies, exclusively for Apex riders. It's on the house.
Handcrafted helmet, TPMS
and more


0 - 40 km/h
2.9 s
110 km
Top Speed
100 km/h
17.7 cm (7”) TFT touchscreen
Warp+TM Mode
Google Maps
Certified Range
157 km
Charging (0-100%)
5 hr 45 min
₹ 1 88 999
Effective Ex-showroom price
Incl. of Charger
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Included with 450 ApexTM
What’s included
Ather Battery Protect™ pro
5 years or 60 000 km
Apex collectibles
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