Business - Business Intelligence Analyst/Lead

3-5 years
What will I be doing at Ather?

For Ather, data is not just about what’s collected from the connected vehicle for ride behavior. Our consumer journey is a wealth of information captured at different touch-points of interaction. Not only are the online touchpoints like the website, email marketing, app interactions, social engagement tracked, we also accumulate information through physical touchpoints like the experience center, call interactions or events. But what would we do with data in disparate software? A problem no longer. A dedicated in house business tools team ensures that a central repository stores all relevant data. That’s a goldmine for consumer learning. We are also a data obsessed marketing team. We’d love to know “What gets test riders to pre order”, “What correlation does forum engagement have to the period of association” or “what’s the best time duration for the product specialist to speak to a consumer”. And the nascent stage of our business allows us to implement these learning way faster. And watch the results flow in! Rather than outsourcing this insighting to some external agency, we’d like to have someone in the team. It’s not about answering our questions, we want someone who is part of the brand journey and finds questions that data can answer. An explorer than an analyst. From deciding the structure of the experiments to finding the insights and deciding business actionable, it’s owned by this person. We do not have an existing BI tool. We don’t have all dashboards set. Some of the data captured at some touchpoint might also be wrong. Walk in. Rather than running with an existing setup, build one.


What kind of experience and skills do I need for this role?

Experience 1. 4-6 years of working experience in the data analytics field in a data-driven company should give you an eye for what to look for. 2. Experience in working with some leading BI tools like Tableau, Power BI will be an advantage. 3. An experience of working with cross-functional teams will be a necessity. 4. Ability to work with third party tool developers to manage business requirements and feature development.

Skills 5. SQL and other querying languages will be necessary, but that’s a given in this field. 6. Ambiguity will be in abundance and resources will not. If that isn’t comforting, this role is possibly not the best match for you.

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