Software Development Software Developer- Data Pipeline

3 - 7 Years

YOU’LL BE OUR: Data Pipeline Engineer

YOU’LL BE BASED AT: IBC Knowledge Park, Bangalore

YOU’LL BE A MEMBER OF: Software & Intelligence



·         You will be part of the data pipeline team, which is singularly responsible for the connectivity of the vehicle.

·         Develop and continually enhance the middle ware 'connectivity' module to run on the vehicle.

·         Support connectivity module to be able to run on other non-vehicle nodes.

·         Optimize to increase performance, reduce data cost, increase efficiency.

·         Work closely with Cloud and Data Intelligence team to orchestrate solution which deliver 'intelligence" solutions based on the data.

·         Explore and evaluate Google Cloud Solution suite and updates.

·         Become the expert in Big Data and define the solutions in Data Driven Environment.

·         Learn all about Data and it's implication in an automotive environment.

·         Work with cross functional teams to understand the role of 'data' in the solution.



·         Experience with Google Cloud/AWS.

·         Good experience with Distributed system development. Building solutions for scale and performance.

·         Experience with time series databases such as Influx, Prometheus, Druid, ClickHouse is a plus.

·         Working knowledge on cloud based data bases such as Big Query, good working knowledge of Kafka, Google PubSub.

·         Knowledge on real time stream analytics, message queues, Publish Subscribe messaging systems.

·         Experience in working with row based and columnar based databases.

·         Good programming language experience in one of Java, Kotlin, Python, Go.

·         RUST programming language experience is a plus.

·         Experience in Agile based development, along with tools such as JIRA, Confluence.

·         Product life cycle experience.

·         Good experience with Linux.

·         System programming experience - Data Structure, Algorithms, etc.



·         Bachelor’s/Master’s in computer science or any other equivalent degree                                      

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