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Industrial and Plant Engineering Associate Manager

4 - 7 Years

Designation: Associate Manager (MAPE04)

Office Location: Bengaluru (Factory)

Position description: As a Current Product Engineer at Ather, you will be working with us to make and manage changes that goes into a Current Product.

Current Products are those that have been developed and passed on to Operations for Production, Sales, Maintenance and Service, after a through Gate Review process. As on September 2018, the Ather 450 (and soon Ather 340), its Battery and its Private POD have qualified this definition.
Principally working with the Current Product, you will be working closely with engineering, process, quality and sourcing teams in this role.
Changes that is to be done based on Bugs on reliability, cost, production improvement are to be taken up, evaluated and are to be incorporated into the product.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • MBOM Management on PLM (Teamcenter)
  • Make design changes wrt minor drawing and minor functional changes based on problems in the field or in the production line
  • Monitor changes that go back to engineering department to close on a solution within 2 weeks from the time a line issue is raised
  • Monitor and support RCAs that come from Quality team for field issues and RCAs that come from Process Engineering and evaluate changes needed on the product for the same

Reporting Team

  • Reporting Designation: Manager (MAPE05)
  • Reporting Department: Process Engineering (MAPE)

Educational qualifications preferred

  • Category: Bachelor's Degree
  • Field specialization: Electrical and Electronics engineering, Electronics and communication engineering
  • Degree: Bachelor of Engineering - BE
  • Institution tier: Tier1/2

Required work experience

  • Industry: Electronics, Semiconductor, Electrical

Required Skills:

Proven work experience in Design Engineering who also has very good understanding of PLM systems and MBOM Management

Hands on experience with design of physical components or packaging design of complex products

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