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Embedded Hardware Design Engineer- Embedded Hardware

2 - 5 Years

you’ll be our: Design Engineer – Embedded HW

you’ll be based at: IBC Knowledge Park, Bengaluru

you’ll be the member of: Embedded Hardware team


What you’ll do at Ather?

Functional Responsibilities:

  • Demonstrate compliance to corporate values and Departmental procedures per requirements
  • of the corporate QS standards.
  • Demonstrate collaborative culture while staying committed to Technical deliverables.
  • Operational Responsibilities:
  • Meet Cost, Quality & Schedule goals for Programs/Projects.
  • Prepare and present compliance statements against checklists/Templates during reviews on
  • Design/Simulation, Schematic, PCB Layout, WCA, Tolerance Analyses, IP, Safety and
  • Regulatory aspects of design.
  • Maximize reuse of platforms and design resources to help reduce TTM, cost and enhance
  • quality. Implement lessons learnt into designs.
  • Participate and contribute to DFMEA, DFM, DFA, DFC, DFS, DFR and Component
  • Selection/derating reviews.
  • Carry out RCA on field failures and implement/recommend CAPA.
  • Execute e-DVT, debug issues and help build a database of lessons learnt from the design.
  • Carry out detailed Analyses and tests for WCA and Tolerance. Demonstrate compliance to
  • sub-system specifications through test results.
  • Execute Board Bring up and Functional Testing of Designs/Prototypes.
  • Participate in Benchmarking and evaluating competing Offers in the Market.

Cross Functional Responsibilities:

  • Participate in supplier Meetings and Technical workshops with key component manufacturers.
  • Demonstrate compliance to Component Engineering Framework.
  • Work with Technical resources from Manufacturers/Suppliers to deliver solutions to issues.
  • Provide timely information on status of project to Project Management team.
  • Participate and contribute to PFMEA discussions with the NPD team.
  • Work with NPD teams to verify implementation of manufacturing test plans, Jigs and Fixtures.
  • Review build reports and Implement/Verify effectiveness & consistency of corrective actions.
  • Handhold NPD in carrying out RCA and Implementing CAPA during PPAP builds.
  • Support Sustenance through resolution of JiRA Issues during manufacturing/Prototype phase.
  • Implement Quality and Process Initiatives introduced by the Process Excellence team.
  • Demonstrate compliance to the corporate Design & Development processes.
  • Work with SW team to test, debug and verify functional requirements of SW/FW.


Here’s what we are looking for?

Domain Skills:

        Expert Level:

  • Embedded HW Design & Analysis
  • Microcontroller Configuration design
  • Switch debouncing, Multiplexers, Demultiplexers, Encoders, Decoders, etc
  • JTAG Debug/Programming
  • Hardware and firmware debugging
  • Engineering DVT of Embedded HW Systems/Boards
  • Debug & Troubleshooting of Embedded HW Systems/Boards
  • Thermal Testing, Safety & Regulatory Pre-Compliance Testing
  • Advanced Level:
  • Microcontroller/Microprocessor Embedded Board Design & Analysis
  • Interrupt Processing, Pipelining, Scheduler
  • Rework and soldering of SMD and thru-hole Devices on PCBAs.
  • Basic Level:
  • Memory - NOR, NAND, SRAM, DRAM
  • RS232, RS485, SPI, UART, Ethernet, USB, CAN Communication Protocols
  • Analog/Digital Circuit Design & Analysis
  • Microcontroller/Microprocessor/DSP Architecture – Registers, Bus, PWM, DMA, watchdog, ADC,
  • DAC, Timers, etc (E)
  • Microcontroller/Microprocessor/DSP Chip Selection (E)
  • Electrolytic and Ceramic Capacitors, NTC, PTC, Relays, Contactors, MOV, GDT
  • LDO, Voltage Regulators, HF Magnetics, Amplifiers, Comparators, PMIC, Protocol converters/Drivers
  • PCB Layout Design, Signal Integrity Analysis


PSIM (B), MATLAB (B), MathCAD (F), ORCAD (B), Allegro (F), Hyperlynx (F),

SOLIDWORKS (F), MiniTAB (F), Crystall Ball (F), Pugh Matrix (B), Regression Analysis (F),

DoE (F), C/C++/Embedded C (B)

DSO (A), DMM (E), Datalogger (A), Electronic Load (A), LabView (F), Thermal Chamber (B),

Power Supplies (A), Function Generator (A), Logic Analyzer (A), Spectrum analyser (B),

Network Analyser (B), Power meter (B)

Editor (B), assembler (B), cross assembler (B), Debugger (E) and Integrated Development

Environment (IDE) (A), ICE (In-Circuit-Emulators) (A)



You bring to Ather:  

  • 1-2 years of experience in hands on design and development of Embedded Hardware for IoT
  • Systems or Instrument Clusters for Electric Vehicles.
  • Qualification:
  • B.Tech/M.Tech with Specialization in Embedded Systems Design




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