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Embedded Hardware Embedded Hardware Lead

3 - 8 Years

You’llbe our: Lead Engineer – Embedded Hardware

You’llbe based at: Bangalore

You’llbe Aligned with: Senior Manager-Hardware

You’llbe a member of: Embedded Hardware team



AtAther, we believe in developing customized hardware solutions that solvedifficult problems. You will play a pivotal role in the design and developmentof such embedded systems. Many of these systems are going to drive the futureof transportation. 

Design and developan embedded system platform that provides the vehicle with graphicalcapabilities, connectivity and processing.

Drive innovationaround compact embedded systems delivering performance and reliability inautomotive conditions.

Own the design anddevelopment of the hardware printed circuit boards and assemblies.  


SmartConnected vehicles that Ather Energy builds have a number of subsystems andmost of these are designed in house at Ather. We are looking for a person whohas seen complete product life cycle from requirement gathering, architecturedesign, development, testing, introduction to production and analyzing fieldfailures. We would like the person to have excellent debugging andproblem-solving capabilities as well as ability to quickly root cause issues onthe product. A person experienced in the black magic of electromagneticcompatibility will be a plus. Hunger to work in fast-paced, performance-basedenvironment is also expected.   


Hands-onexperience on high-speed hardware board design

Expertise inprotocols like LVDS, MIPI, DDR, Ethernet, CAN

Exposure totechnologies like LTE, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS

Hands-on experiencewith tools like Oscilloscopes and Analyzers

Qualification: B.Tech/M.Tech with specializationin Embedded Systems Design or equivalent



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