Vehicle Topics
  • Do I need to pay to become a host?

    Becoming an AtherGrid host doesn’t cost you anything. All you need to do is provide the space and all the necessary permissions. That’s all. Ather Energy will take care of every other thing - installation, operation, and the maintenance of each public charging Point.

  • Do I have to bear the cost of the electricity consumed?

    Absolutely not. For the first batch of hosts, Ather Energy will install a sub-meter to track the electricity consumption of each Point. This will measure the exact number of units consumed, based on which Ather Energy will reimburse the host, as per the applicable BESCOM tariff.

  • What if an EV owner wants to use the Point without availing any service from the host?

    At Ather Energy, our endeavour is to sign-up hosts that are keen to drive EV adoption. However, a host could deny the use of the charging service, if a customer is not keen on availing any service.