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  • What is the self drain percentage of the battery pack?

    In different scenarios the battery's drain rate varies. Here's how many days it may take for the battery to go from 100% to nil:

    When Key is turned OFF:
    Ather 450 - In 9 days

    Shutdown mode:
    Ather 450 - appx 70 days

    There is a critical battery cut-off that shuts down the battery completely so that there is no damage to the battery pack once it has discharged to zero.

  • What real life testing have you done on the battery pack?

    The battery pack is one of the most important components of the vehicle. We have done all ARAI recommended tests to ensure it can keep up with whatever get thrown at it, and then we went ahead even further to ensure a high reliability and life.
    The following tests have been done on the battery pack over the course of a few years:

    • Extreme environment tests for dust, temperatures, rain and water logging
    • Battery Homologation compliance tests as per ARAI.
    • Accelerated wear tests on the battery pack by continious charging and discharging, and high ambient temperatures.
    • Vibration tests using specialized rigs to mimic road conditions.
    • 20+ Million km equivalent cell level testing has been carried out under varied conditions.

  • How is the battery pack protected considering it's Li-ion?

    The battery is protected by an aluminium casing to rule out physical damage. Also, the BMS regulates temperature and ensures optimum performance.

  • What is the cost of battery replacement once the battery degrades after a few years?

    The battery is designed to last 50,000 km. Typically scooters run around 6000-8000 km a year, so chances are that this battery won’t need replacement for 6-7 years. Most people replace their scooter in around 4-5 years.The battery has a 3 year unlimited mileage warranty. Also, the battery doesn’t really go dead. Its capacity reduces just as a phone battery's does. Coming to the exact cost of replacement after 3 years from now, we estimate that it would be around ₹35-40,000. Having said that, Li-ion cell prices are coming down year on year, so the battery is likely to be cheaper than what we are estimating.

  • How much does the battery pack cost?

    The battery pack is designed to last for 50,000 km, at which point it should still have enough capacity for a regular commute. Just in case you need to replace it, you can purchase a replacement from Ather. We are currently working on a battery exchange/buy-back program, to get you a new battery at a lower cost and repurpose your old battery pack. We hope to announce that once we have more clarity on it.