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    • How do I purchase the Ather 450X?

      You would first need to reserve by booking one at a fully refundable amount of ₹ 2 500. Your order would then be created. Depending on your order’s sequence in the queue and our delivery schedule, you will be notified via email or call whenever your order is ready for purchase completion. The booking token money will be adjusted against the final amount you pay to complete your purchase.

      How do I check the status of my order?

      Once you’ve booked, you can sign up to activate your Ather account. All details about your order will be available on the dashboard. Remember to use the same email ID and phone number that you used to book when you sign up.

      Will I get a FAME II subsidy on purchasing the vehicle?

      Yes, Ather 450X is FAME II compliant and is eligible for a subsidy of ₹ 22 485. This amount has already been applied to compute the ex-showroom price communicated on the website. Additionally, Ather 450X will also be eligible for state government subsidies pertaining to electric vehicles. For instance, in Delhi, an additional subsidy of ₹ 18 300 will be applicable.

      Is the ex-showroom price inclusive of FAME II subsidy or exclusive of FAME II subsidy?

      The ex-showroom price communicated on the website is inclusive of FAME II subsidy, other subsidies applicable, and GST. It does not include registration fees, road tax, and insurance.

      Do you offer loan and lease options for Ather 450X?

      Yes, we have multiple loan partners on borad. And yes, we do offer the lease option across all cities, you can find more details under the pricing section on our website.

      I would like to buy more than one scooter from my booking registration, is it possible?

      For every scooter, you need to make a separate booking. We haven't placed any restriction on the number of bookings per person. However, do note that any person can only avail the FAME II subsidy once since it’s linked to one’s Aadhaar ID.

      My booking was made in a different name, I want to purchase the vehicle in a different name, how do I do it?

      After you've made your booking, you can change your ownership details by getting in touch with our customer support team (for Bengaluru and Chennai) or our dealer partner (for other cities), unless your full payment has been made. Once invoiced, ownership details can only be changed at the time of resale.

      I've heard that electric scooters don't require me to have a license to ride them. Why do I need a license to ride Ather 450X?

      The electric scooters that run on a 250 W motor and the ones that have a top speed of 25 km/h do not require a driver's license or number plate registration. However, the Ather 450X is significantly more powerful with a top speed of 80 km/h. Therefore, driver's license and number plate registration are mandatory to ride it. So, if you're thinking of gifting this to your 16-year-old daughter or son, you would have to wait for another couple of years :)

      Is there an exchange offer to trade the older version with new generation vehicles?

      Of course! You can always trade in your two wheeler with an Ather scooter. Visit your nearest EC to know more about exchange bonus and other offers.

      Is the cost of owning an Ather 450X comparable to a petrol scooter?

      A typical petrol scooter incurs a cost of ₹2.2/km whereas the Ather 450X costs ₹0.2/km. This means if you ride the scooter for 100 km a week, you save more than ₹ 10 000 on fuel every year. So, the more you ride, the more you save. While the upfront cost of owning an Ather 450X may be higher than a comparable petrol scooter, the daily savings with an Ather, will easily cover for that difference.