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Getting our cities EV ready

The day is not far when commute will be electric. And we want to make sure that we bring that future forward. With AtherGrid we are setting up an extensive charging network. Starting with Bengaluru and expanding to 30 cities, AtherGrid will offer fast, reliable, and safe charging for all electric vehicles, not just the Ather vehicles.

Never far from one

With over 30 locations across the city, you will never be more than 4 km away from a Point.

At the places, you anyway go to

AtherGrid is present at the places you anyway visit. Offices, malls, cafes, restaurants, and even your gym.

Plug it, forget it.

Ather Grid Charging Station
  • up to 80% at 1 km/min
  • Recognizes your vehicle and starts charging automatically. Simple.
  • Monitor charging through the Ather app from wherever you are.
Electric Scooter Charger

Locate. Connect. Charge.

Car Charging at Ather Grid
Electric Scooter Charger
  • Compatible with electric vehicles that use a cable that connects to a regular 5A/15A socket.
  • Find a Point, authenticate, and charge using a dedicated AtherGrid app.
  • Charge your EV for free. Unlimited.

AtherGrid in your city

Become an AtherGrid host

If you are interested in hosting AtherGrid, write to us at [email protected]

  • Ather Grid Host - Go Native
  • Ather Grid Host - Infinitea
  • Ather Grid Host - Go
  • Ather Grid Host - FabCafe
  • Ather Grid Host - Elcia
  • Ather Grid Host - Play
  • Ather Grid Host - Herbs and Spices
  • Ather Grid Host - OnlyPeace
  • Ather Grid Host - International TechPark
  • Ather Grid Host - ParkSquare
  • Ather Grid Host - Royal Airavatha
  • Ather Grid Host - CafeEleven
  • Ather Grid Host - Sunny Side
  • Ather Grid Host - Store Motto Cafe
  • Ather Grid Host - ChapterOne
  • Ather Grid Host - Patio
  • Ather Grid Host - Miles
  • Ather Grid Host - Torq92
  • Ather Grid Host - PatelsInn