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Updates carry upgrades

New features, enhancements and fixes for an ever-improving scooter.

Update 4.1.0

What’s new?

  • Drop a pin to locate a destination that’s not listed on the maps
  • Automatic rerouting, when the rider goes off-route. No more distraction to accept/reject pop-ups.


On-board navigation is now a lot more responsive and seamless

  • Frequent data sync between vehicle and the mobile app to stay up-to-date
  • Ride statistics on the app is a widely used feature. It gets priority sync in the huge data transfer pipeline between the vehicle and app.

Update 4.0.3

What’s new?

In addition to Sport and Ride modes, the 450 gets an Eco mode. With a TrueRange of 75 km, the Eco mode is designed for those days when the rider needs to go that extra mile.


  • Motor-cooling optimized
  • (Additional update 4.0.4) Motor firmware update

Upgrade 2.0.1

What’s new?

The headlight stays on for 20 secs, even after switching OFF the scooter, making it easier to find a way out of dimly lit parking spaces.

Apart from the default automatic trip meter that ends a trip when the key has been turned OFF (for a duration of 7 minutes or longer), two new trip meters have been added.

These can be manually reset and used to track distance covered by their vehicle in different scenarios.

  • Distance covered in a round trip
  • Distance covered in a day / week or any time period
  • Distance covered with a fully charged vehicle

This update unlocks the capability of the vehicle’s intelligence to pre-emptively ensure the safety of various subsystems. The intelligence algorithm will detect any error, alert the user about it via the dashboard screen, and prompt the user to take an action.


  • Save a destination as a favourite
  • Check the % of charge remaining on the dashboard
  • Access to recommended tyre pressure info through the dashboard.

Upgrade 1.2.0

What’s new?

If a ride consumes energy at a high rate affecting range, a real-time visual feedback on the dashboard will alert the rider.

For example, inconsistent and sudden throttling and braking will intensify the red glow on the range number, prompting the user to tweak their riding style.

‘Ride Statistics’ gives the user access to all relevant information about their ride - average speed, total distance covered across all trips, personalized range in each riding mode (predicted by an intelligent algorithm). Assess and ride better.


Move between the two riding modes, on-the-go, without stopping.

Pick an alternative path through a route suggestion prompt, while you navigate.

Upgrade 1.1.0

What’s new?

  • Brightness of the screen will auto adjust, depending on the time of the day.
  • A sound prompt to cue that the vehicle motor is switched ON.


To help the rider plan better, the dashboard will display the time required for 80% charge, followed by the time required to charge up to 100%.

Upgrade 1.0.1


The usability of the on-board navigation