Service & Connectivity Subscription Plans - Ather Electric Scooters | Ather Energy

Hassle-free ownership plans

Forget to remember.

Service scheduling, visit to service center, payments for connectivity services - our post ownership subscription plans take care of everything. All you have to do is, enjoy the ride.

As you like it.

Choose one or take both - Ather Service for all your vehicle maintenance needs & Ather Connect for all connectivity & intelligence experience

Opt between Lite and Pro in both the packs based on your usage.

  • Pay yearly

Connectivity plans

What’s included?

Ather Connect Lite

₹ 400 /quarter*

₹ 1500 /year*

Ather Connect Pro

₹ 700 /quarter*

₹ 2400 /year*


Service Plans

What’s included?

Ather Service Lite

₹ 800 /quarter*

₹ 2400 /year*

Ather Service Pro

₹ 1100 /quarter*

₹ 3600 /year*

(1) Labor and consumables are free for all maintenance claims
(2) Does not include memory loss, laziness or intentional acts