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Ather Scooter Accessories: Customising Your Ride for Comfort and Style

7 May, 2024

Atul Rajan

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If you've embraced the electric revolution with an Ather scooter, you're already cruising in style. The Ather 450S is a sleek electric scooter that packs a punch with its 5400W electric motor. With a weight of 108 kg, it offers a smooth ride powered by a Double Disc brake system. Choose from four stylish colours - Cosmic Black, Salt Green, Space Gray, and Still White, all at an attractive price.


For those seeking a premium electric scooter experience, the Ather 450X is the way to go. With a 6400W electric motor and a weight of 111.6 kg, it's a powerhouse on two wheels. The 450X dazzles in six colours - Cosmic Black, True Red, Salt Green, Still White, Lunar Grey, and Space Grey. Its advanced features include a 7-inch capacitive touchscreen console with Google Maps, a Snapdragon processor, and an AOSP-based operating system. The Ather 450X comes in two variants and offers value for the price.


Now, let's talk about taking your Ather experience up a notch with electric scooter accessories that not only elevate your ride's aesthetics but also contribute to your comfort and convenience.

Types of accessories and their benefits

So, you've hopped onto the electric revolution with your sleek and powerful Ather scooter, but why settle for the ordinary accessories when you can deck out your ride with the Ather electric scooter accessories that oozes style and functionality? Let your ‘electric scooter accessories near me’ searches end with Ather.


Let's dive into the world of Ather accessories, where each addition is not just an extra but a thoughtful enhancement to your electric journey.

1. Ather Frunk

Picture a storage compartment that doesn't hog your floorboard space! Enter the Ather Frunk – expandable up to 14 L, water-resistant, and rugged with its 100% polyester Ripstop material. Need to stash your gadgets and wallet? No problem. Plus, it's abrasion-resistant, ensuring it weathers the journey as you do. A game-changer with a touch of style, backed by a solid 1-year warranty.

2. Ather Side Step

Say hello to the Ather Side Step, a tough-as-nails single-cast aluminium structure. But it's not just about looks, it's about that premium rubber surface giving your sole a firm grip. And the bi-directional spring? Hands-free operation just got a whole lot better.

3. Ather Type Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)

Exclusive to the Ather 450X, the Ather TPMS  is your ride's tech-savvy companion. Need Real-time tyre pressure on the dashboard? Check. Increased tyre life? Double-check. TPMS allows you to be aware of the tyre pressure on a real time basis, and alerting while the pressure goes below the optimal value. Ensuring you get the longest possible range on the Ather scooter.

4. Ather Seatcover

Sun's out? No worries. The Ather Seatcover is not just about protecting your seat from harsh sunlight with its UV-resistant material, it's also abrasion-resistant for the long haul. And that PU coating? It's weathering all conditions like a champ. Style meets practicality, ensuring your seat stays as comfortable as your ride.

5. Ather Floor Mats

Did you say abrasion-resistant material? Cleaning dirt with a single rinse? You have got it all! The Ather Floor Mats are designed to make cleanups a breeze.

6. Ather BodyGuard

The Ather BodyGuard is the ultimate shield against scratches. It has UV-resistant material and offers easy replacement when needed. It's stylish armour for your scooter, ensuring it stands the test of time.


From storage solutions to tyre tech and style upgrades to protective layers, these Ather electric scooter accessories aren't just extras. They're the details that make your Ather ride uniquely yours. So, why settle for basic when you can cruise in comfort and style with Ather electric scooter accessories?

Benefits of adding accessories in an electric scooter

Have you been searching: ‘Electric scooter accessories near me’? Let’s sum up the benefits of having accessories in your e-scooter -

1. Personalization beyond aesthetics

Add e scooter accessories to give your scooter a personal touch, making it an extension of your personality. Stylish frunks and protective bodyguards contribute to a unique aesthetic, reflecting your individual style.

2. Elevated comfort for longer rides

Prioritise comfort for extended rides with seat covers and floor mats. These e scooter accessories not only enhance aesthetics but also add plushness and durability, ensuring stylish and comfortable journeys, even on longer trips.

3. Practical solutions for convenience

Enhance convenience with accessories like frunks, side steps, and TPMS. Frunks expand storage without sacrificing space, side steps offer hands-free operation, and TPMS provides real-time tyre pressure information. Transform your scooter into a versatile and convenient companion.

4. Maintenance and protection

Go beyond style with accessories that maintain and protect your electric scooter. Bodyguards and seat covers protect against wear and tear, preserving the longevity and aesthetics of your ride. Invest in durability and resilience against the elements.

5. Enhanced resale value

Accessorised scooters often have higher resale value. Potential buyers appreciate the added features and care that accessories represent. Consider accessories not only for your current riding experience but also as a smart investment in the future value of your electric scooter.


n the world of electric scooters, Ather stands out, and with the right Ather scooter accessories, your ride can become a tailored experience. Whether it's the futuristic 450X or the sleek 450S, adding these accessories ensures that your journey is stylish and uniquely yours. So, why settle for ordinary when you can ride comfortably and style with Ather scooter accessories?

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