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Essential Electric Scooter Accessories Every Rider Must Have

17 Jun, 2024

Mathew J.

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No two electric scooter riders are the same. So why should any two electric scooters be the same? Every scooter owner, electric or otherwise, feels a personal sense of attachment to their vehicle, and electric scooter accessories go a long way in personalising your riding experience according to your needs. Recognising this need, Ather has designed a wide range of branded Ather Electric Scooter accessories to help you get the best out of your ride. In this article, we will look at the must-have e-scooter accessories for every rider, especially things like electric scooter helmets and protective gear sets that you can buy along with your Ather scooter.

Must have electric scooter accessories

Must-have accessories for electric scooters

Electric scooter accessories aren’t just frivolous add-ons to the scooter. Some e-scooter accessories like electric scooter helmets are mandatory as per law, while others like protective gear sets, eye guards, throttle-grip protectors etc. help keep the rider safe and injury-free, especially at high speeds. Few other electric scooter accessories like scooter covers, body guards, locks protect the e-scooter and Tyre Pressure Management System (TPMS) provides more information about the scooter tyre pressure.  Some other accessories enhance the aesthetics, comfort and storage capacity of the scooter too.


When trying to decide what electric scooter accessories you must have for your e-scooter, consider your usage. Do you ride through crowded neighbourhoods with narrow roads? Invest in protection-based accessories. Do you often ride with a pillion? Invest in a seat upgrade. Do you ride for long over bumpy roads? Invest in TPMS and a Tyre Inflator. Do you carry a lot of luggage on your electric scooter? Invest in a Frunk - Ather electric scooter accessories for storage. You define your must-have.

What Accessories does Ather have?

At Ather, we recognised early that every electric scooter rider has different needs. So, we designed special Ather electric scooter accessories for our customers’ needs. You can view them at a glance on the website Ather Shop. The Ather Shop has three kinds of items:

Smart Helmets: The Ather electric scooters are at the cutting-edge of technology. So why can’t the Ather electric scooter helmets be the same? Now available for pre-order is Ather Halo, a helmet that does way more than protect your head. Ather Halo is a full-face electric scooter helmet that comes with in-built Bluetooth speakers (with sound by Harman Kardon). Its sound is designed in such a way that, even at full volume, you can hear surrounding sounds of the road clearly, making it completely safe to ride with. It’s built with Auto WearDetect that automatically switches on the moment you wear it and connects to Bluetooth of your smartphone. And when your ride is done, and you store the Ather Halo in the boot of your Ather Rizta, it charges there, wirelessly. Uncomfortable with full-face helmets? You can get the Ather Halo Bit and attach it to any Ather half helmet purchased after July 2024. Not just smart, these helmets are also strong, having earned an ISI (IS:4151) DOT certification. Great for your head and your headspace on rides.

Ather Electric Scooter Accessories: From utility to safety to aesthetics, the Ather Shop has smart, unique e-scooter accessories for a rider’s every need. Do browse the Ather Shop to see the electric scooter accessories we’ve got in store for you, such as:

  • The Ather Duo Wall Mount Charger is a fast charger you can mount on a wall in your parking lot as well as carry it along with the scooter for your long rides.
  • Frunk or Front Trunk gives you 14L of extra storage in the form of a sleek, unintrusive bag in the floorboard of your scooter.
  • BodyGuard protects your Ather from scratches at 8 scratch-prone areas with durable, UV-resistant material that shields from harsh sunlight.
  • Throttle Grip covers provide precise control as you accelerate.
  • A sleek Scooter Cover that protects your scooter from sunlight and rain when not in use, with a 50% thicker material than ordinary covers.
  • Seat upgrades, floor mats, an Ather Care kit and more.

Ather Merch: There are Ather riders. And then there are Ather lovers. For the latter, we have special range of Ather branded tees (full and half-sleeve, for men and women) and helmets with fun, vibrant colours and designs that Ather fans would love to wear.

How can I buy accessories for my Ather?

Well, Ather Shop works like any other e-commerce portal. Select what you want, customise it to your Ather model or size and ‘Add to Cart’ before checking out online. The Ather Shop provides free shipping of all e-scooter accessories (except the Ather electric scooter helmets, which are currently only available for pre-booking) anywhere in India.


The Ather scooter makes for a great ride. The accessorised Ather scooter makes it your great ride. It is essential, therefore, to invest in accessories that make your ride safer, smoother, more convenient, or even more stylish. And the best part, you don’t even have to look that far for accessories that are compatible with your Ather scooter! All you have to do is log on to the Ather Shop and pick any Ather electric scooter accessories you like with just a click!

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