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The Power of Ather Portable Chargers: Charging On-The-Go Made Easy

7 May, 2024

Atul Rajan

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We are in an era where vehicles are powered by batteries. The portability of a charger becomes more important, especially on longer-than-usual-distance rides. That’s why, Ather, before even perfecting the scooters, decided to perfect electric scooter portable chargers.
In this article, we will explore how Ather portable charger for electric scooters is helping revolutionise personal transport, how to use the portable charger for Ather 450 Electric scooters and the Ather portable charger specifications.

Ather portable charger specifications

The Ather Portable Charger is a simple, plug-in charger that fits into any 5 Amp socket found commonly in India. It is easily portable, and can fit into a common backpack, drawer, and perhaps most importantly, into the boot storage space of the Ather electric scooter. Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, it is perfect to use at home, as well as public parking lots (if you find a plug point). This portable charger for electric scooters charges the battery 100% in about 6 hours, or one good night’s sleep.


As the Ather scooter’s primary power source, it’s portable nature gives it a two-pronged utility:


  1. As an overnight charger: Gives you a Range of 150km with 6-to-8 hours of charge, so your Ather is up and ready to go when you are.


  2. As a portable power source: Plans after work? Get the extra miles in your tank by charging your electric scooter while it’s not in use during the day.

Is my portable charger enough for my needs?

The answer entirely depends upon your usage, of course, but 80% of our customers’ (from whom we’ve collected a billion miles worth of rider data over the last 5 years) usage daily is 30 kms. So, a single charge of the battery is sufficient for you to use Ather 450X for 3 to 4 days of daily needs without charging.


The only time your portable charger for Ather probably wouldn’t be sufficient for your need is if you’re riding more than 150 km a day or are taking your scooter on an inter-city trip on the highways. And here’s where the other types of chargers come in.

Different types of Ather chargers: 

Apart from the portable personal charger that we’ve spoken about in this article, the other types of chargers are:


Fast Charging Grids: With over 2000+ Fast Charging Grids in over 130+ cities, Ather offers the largest Fast Charging Grid network in the country. The charging ecosystem built by Ather has for long been the company’s biggest priority. Even before they launch their scooters in a city, Ather builds charging infrastructure to ensure that customers have access to charging stations, no matter what.


Neighbourhood Charging: Top tech parks, universities, Malls and apartment complexes across top cities in India have had free electric scooter chargers installed within their premises. Check out the advantages of being an Ather neighbourhood charging host here.

Portable charger for Ather: A game changer

With the advent of electric scooters, and subsequently, the rise of the electric scooter portable chargers, we’re no longer bound by the limitations of fixed physical re-fueling points, the way petrol scooters are. Thanks to its universal adaptability to any 5 Amp power socket, the portable charger can turn any place you park into a fuelling station.


Today, where there is a mad rush for electric vehicle charging points in public spaces like office complexes and apartment buildings, the ability to carry your own charger in the boot space of your Ather gives you an incredible advantage AND saves you the money you would spend charging from a public grid.


And finally, it provides a great sense of mental peace and tranquillity, knowing that no matter where you go, or how far you are from your destination, you’ll never be completely stranded for want of power.

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