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Vehicle topics


    • What is the value of each credit?

      1 credit = ₹ 1

      What can I purchase using my credits?

      You can use your credits to purchase any of the following:
      - Renew or purchase new subscription plans through your Ather account
      - TPMS
      - Other upcoming accessories and merchandise

      How can I check my credit balance?

      You can log into your online Ather account to check the balance: https://app.atherenergy.com/user/referral Alternatively, you can log into your dashboard and click on “Referral” under your profile menu to view your credit balance.

      Are there any exceptions to redeeming my credits?

      Read the terms and conditions for usage of credits.

      Can I pay for vehicle service or spare parts using my credits?

      No, credits can only be used for purchases mentioned above.

      Can I use credits received from the referral program to make purchases?

      If the credits are unlocked, you can use them for purchases mentioned above.

      Can I use my credits at all the Ather experience and service centers?

      Currently, you can use credits at all Ather touch points except for:
      - Ather Space Indiranagar, Bengaluru
      - Ather service center NS Palya, Bengaluru
      - Ather Space & service center Nungambakkam, Chennai
      - Ather Space & service center Lajpat Nagar, Delhi
      We will update here when credits can be used at the above locations.

      Can I make a partial payment with my credits?

      Yes, you can pay a partial amount using credits, and the rest with other payment methods like cash, card and more.

      What are “locked” and “redeemed” credits?

      Credits you have received from the referral program are “unlocked” when the vehicle purchase is completed by the referred customer. When you use credits to purchase subscriptions or other accessories (only TPMS for now), those are redeemed credits.