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All You Need to Know About Electric Scooter Charging Cost in India

24 Jun, 2024


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Millions of Indians commute daily. While some have the choice of using public transportation, many prefer the convenience of their personal vehicles. But here’s the problem. Fuel prices are increasing day by day. With such high prices and volatility, our traditional fuel powered vehicles are making mobility an expensive affair. That’s where electric scooters come in to change the ecosystem. While being great for the environment, electric scooters are not just a blessing to one’s personal finance but a new way of riding.  Let’s understand this in detail. 

How to calculate the cost of electric scooter charging?

When it comes to comparing the viability of an electric scooter to that of a petrol scooter, the biggest factor to consider is the cost of charging vs cost of fuel (petrol, diesel). Intuitively, we know that electricity is much cheaper than petroleum. But to truly make this comparison, we must know an electric scooter’s charging cost and how to calculate it. 


Here’s a recommended formula that easily determines an electric scooter’s charge price:


Charging Cost = Battery Capacity (in kWh) × Local Electricity Rate (per kWh) / Charging Efficiency 


For example, your Ather 450X has a battery capacity of 3.7 kWh. Let’s assume that the local electricity rate is ₹ 7 per kWh with a charging efficiency of 90%. By using the above formula, the full battery charging cost of your Ather 450X will be ₹ 28.7 


Cost = 3.7 * 7 / 0.90 = ₹ 28.7


In other words, it will cost you approximately ₹ 28.7 to fully charge your Ather 450X. With this full battery, you can comfortably travel 110Km. Yes. That’s the range you get on an Ather 450X. Now, compare this to your petrol scooter. How far can a petrol top up of ₹ 28.7 take you?


In addition to this, there are several electric bike charging cost calculators available online to help you determine the exact charging cost of your electric scooter. 

Factors Influence the Charging Cost of an Electric Scooter in India

We’d assume that only the local rate of electricity affects the charging cost. While this is partially true, there are some other factors that determine the electric scooter charging cost in India. 

  1. Battery Size & Capacity: The battery’s size and capacity, often expressed in kWh, greatly influence charging costs. Larger batteries while giving you more range require more electricity to recharge fully than smaller ones. That’s why Ather electric scooters are practically designed with a 3.7 Kwh battery size, that’s large enough for longer rides but optimal enough to reduce charging costs. 
  2. Charging Efficiency: It refers to how effectively electricity is transformed & stored in the battery. High-efficiency chargers, like the one in Ather, minimize the loss of energy, significantly saving cost.
  3. Local Electricity Rate: Often riders charge their electric scooters at home. Though these rates differ based on the city you live in, the average rate of electricity is between ₹ 7 to ₹ 10. But to get an accurate charging cost, you must know the electricity rate in your area.
  4. Speed of Charging: Batteries are made with different chemistry and voltage. This greatly determines the speed of charging and effective consumption. Ather’s electric scooters are made with lithium-ion batteries that are popular for faster charging times, reduced energy consumption, and longer-lasting batteries, ultimately contributing to lower charging costs.

Tips to reduce Electric scooter Charging Costs

The Ather electric scooters are designed to effectively use electricity and help you make the most with very little charging cost. However, there are some other tips you can follow to improve the longevity of your scooter’s battery:


  1. Cooling time: After using your electric scooter, allow it to cool down for 15 to 20 minutes, before plugging into a charger. This improves the life of your battery and avoids damage. 
  2. Use original electric scooter charger: Using any other charger except the original one that came with the scooter can severely damage the batteries. It’s advisable to always use the original.
Ather Duo Portable Charger
  1. Plan your routes: Plan your routes to make the most of your electric bike’s range. Efficient route planning can help you avoid recharging mid-journey, minimizing overall charging costs. With Ather, you don’t have this too as there are about 2500+ fast charging grids across India. And you can locate these fast chargers right on the Ather App installed on your mobile phone. 
  2. Maintenance of battery: Ather provides a detailed user manual on how to take care of your electric scooter’s battery. This manual is designed to help you maintain your battery so it retains its capacity and charging efficiency, thus saving you money on replacements.


Electric scooters are the future of mobility. Not only are they a sustainable option, but also they are affordable and practical to one’s personal finance. As you decide to invest in a new electric scooter, compare its charging cost to fuel prices, and make more informed decisions that benefit you in the long run.

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