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How to Choose the Best Electric Scooter for Women?

21 Jun, 2024

Atul Rajan

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Let’s face it: men and women are different. And we don’t mean in the ‘Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus’ kind of sense. Our physical and physiological differences mean we have different ergonomic needs from the products we use. Unfortunately, perhaps the greatest, yet least talked about gender bias is in the field of product design, where women often have no choice but to use a scaled-down or pink-coloured version of a product designed for men, by men. Which is why, at Ather, we didn’t create a separate Ather 450 for women in a pink colour, but genuinely worked towards designing a smart, sleek electric scooter that suits both men and women. In this article, we talk about the factors to look out for while buying an electric scooter for women and why Ather makes the best electric scooter in India for ladies.

Things to Consider Before Buying an Electric Scooter for Women

Though mobility should be a basic right for anyone above 18 years of age, it took Indian society a considerable amount of time to get used to the idea of women riding their own scooters and vehicles independently. And with the advent of the lightweight electric scooter, it has become even easier and convenient for women to move around the city. However, the choices for the best electric scooter for women are the ones that cover a few basic necessities and features, and combine functionality with style. Here’s what you should look out for while considering an electric scooter for ladies:

Ather 450x Electric Scooter for Women
  1. Sleek and Compact: An electric scooter for women has to be a sleek electric scooter for better manoeuvrability, especially in heavy traffic conditions in cities. Lightweight electric scooters reduce exertion on the body while commuting. This, in turn, reduces the chances of a loss of control, and increases safety. Sleek electric scooters are also easier to store and take out any time you need. 
  2. Range: The best electric scooter for ladies are the ones which have a significant range, i.e. give you maximum mileage on a single full charge. Lightweight electric scooters tend to have better ranges, which allow ladies to ride around the city without the hassle. The Ather 450X - gives a TrueRange™ of 110km on a full charge, which is more than enough for a daily commute and more. You can charge the scooter once in a couple of days and yet use the scooter for commuting to office and finish the last minute chores.
  3. Safety: Remember the shocking statistic about car crash injuries earlier? With sleek electric scooters, especially ones that are sturdy, one can mitigate the likelihood of serious injury, as the electric scooter itself can absorb a major chunk of the impact. What’s more, the Ather 450X is the one of the best electric scooter for women, especially when it comes to safety features. The Ather 450X complements amazing acceleration with dual disc brakes that makes the vehicle as smoothly as it started. It’s also got an Emergency Stop Signal feature that activates the blinking of the tail light in case of a sudden brake. In case the rider falls off the scooter, the FallSafe™ feature cuts off the power supply to the motor and stops the scooter from moving further. The Dark Mode feature enables easier riding at night, while the Guide-Me-Home Light feature keeps the headlight on for 20 seconds in the dark, so the rider is taken care of until they reach their doorstep.
  4. Comfort: For women, test riding an electric scooter becomes all the more crucial, considering that even the most sleek electric scooters may not be ergonomically suitable to your body. Compact electric scooters like the Ather 450X are preferable, with the handle built at a comfortable height, so women don’t have to stretch forward to reach the handle and throttle of their electric scooter. Ather scooters also boast of the most comfortable seat on an electric scooter for women, making it easier to sit with proper posture and a straight spine while riding, even on long rides. The Monoshock suspension on the Ather 450X also absorbs all the nasty bumps of the city roads, so the long ride doesn’t tire the rider out.
  5. Acceleration: If you ever find yourself in a potential situation on the roads, a sudden burst of speed or power can be the difference between safety and danger. It’s therefore vital for an electric scooter for women to have a powerful pick-up and quick acceleration. Like the Ather 450X electric scooter that can go from 0 to 40km/h in just 3.3 seconds with just a light twist of the throttle. The Ather 450X scooter’s Warp™ Mode also gives you a sudden burst of speed, and amazing steadiness and balance even at its top speed of 90km/hr.
  6. Storage: Women tend to carry a lot of things with them wherever they go. So the best electric scooter for women is one that gives them ample storage space they require for their handbag and other essentials. Whether it’s a work laptop, a small gym bag or even some shopping, every essential fits snuggly into the 22L boot space of the Ather 450X scooter. And, in case you need more, you can buy a Frunk™ a.k.a. Front Trunk at the Ather Store to increase your storage space in the front panel of the scooter.
  7. Style and Aesthetics: It may be the most comfortable ride in the world, but if it’s not stylish, why bother? Today, sleek and sturdy electric scooters have made several design advancements from when they were first released, and they look sleeker and classier than ever before. Choose from a variety of classic colours for your Ather 450X for a great first impression. And for a last impression, take off using the super impressive Warp™ Mode and watch those jaws drop. That’s what you want the best electric scooter for women to do.

Best Electric Scooter for Women

Women, you’re known for your intuition. So, if you’ve read this article till here, we’re pretty sure you know the answer to ‘which is the best electric scooter for women?’ But we’re just going to say it anyway: The Ather 450X is, hands down, one of the best electric scooter in India for ladies. Yes, you may find other lightweight electric scooters in the market that satisfy the list of 7 things to consider before buying an electric scooter for women. But there are some features that no other scooter can boast of that make the Ather 450X a vital purchase for women looking for a sleek and sturdy electric scooter. Some of these are:

  1. Google Maps integration: The Ather 450X is the only e-scooter in India, and one of the first in the world, to have Google Maps fully integrated onto the dashboard. 
  2. Park Assist: Reversing out of tight parking spots has never been easier. The Ather 450X’s sensors will guide you right out, easy-peasy.
  3. No-questions-asked Battery Warranty: Yes, electric scooter batteries are complicated to understand. But their maintenance becomes super easy when you have Ather Battery Protect™, a 5-year battery warranty that replaces your battery when performance goes below a certain threshold, no questions asked.
  4. Accessories at the Ather Shop: Personalise your ride with swanky smart helmets, cool merchandise and premium accessories. More shopping, yay!


Good looking, sleek, eco-friendly, economically viable, ergonomically perfect, safe and sleek electric scooters: for ladies, the Ather 450X is the perfect answer to ‘what a girl wants’, at least when it comes to her ride. In a world where product design excludes women altogether, Ather has ensured that its electric scooters aren’t just a smaller upgrade to a product designed for men, but a genuinely good, suitable ride for anyone’s mobility needs.

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