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An electric ride

0 to 40 km/h
Top speed

Stop. Start. Wheee.

Designed for today’s stop and go traffic conditions, the BLDC motor offers an optimum 20.5 Nm of instant torque and a peak power output of 5.4 kW for cruising at top speed.

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The power-pack

High capacity for range, high power output for acceleration, long life, and fast charging capabilities. We struggled to find one pack that has all of these. So we took the easy way out. Built one ourselves.


Our philosophy of TrueRange is to give you a number that is achievable in different riding conditions. And our ride modes lets you do exactly the same. Ride in Sport mode for maximum performance, switch to Eco for maximum range and move to Ride mode for a bit of both.

Sport Mode True Range
50 km/h
Sport Mode True Range
60 km/h
Sport Mode True Range
80 km/h
75 km range
65 km range
55 km range

Good for bad roads

  • Lowest amongst all scooters in the country. Floor mounted battery and low mounted motor for great handling while leaning and turning.

  • Progressive mono-shock suspension for softer response over bumps, greater comfort on rough roads.

  • City rides demand precise and consistent braking. Front and rear disc brakes with combined braking system (CBS) allow you to do that.

  • 49:51 front:rear weight ratio, for better ride handling. Zero lateral offset, ​symmetrical weight distribution for better balance.

Reverse mode

Acts just like a reverse gear. Glide out of tight parking spots effortlessly.

Powered by intelligence

Today, technology allows us to understand the vehicle, the way you ride, and the ride conditions, in ways that were not possible before. The magic is in turning all this knowledge into intelligence that’s specific to your ride. So all you do is enjoy the ride. Welcome to the future of commute.

Interactive Scooter Dashboard

Interactive Dashboard

A 17.78 cm (7") capacitive touchscreen is your gateway to an intelligent ride experience. An intuitive information display ensures that it only shows the relevant information, while you are on the road. Auto brightness control and IP65 rating ensures an uncompromised performance, come rain or shine.

  • 17.78 cm (7") Capacitive
  • IP65

On-board Navigation

Directions? Faster routes? Nearby charging Points? The onboard navigation provides you information on the go, whether it is a better route or traffic updates.

Your ride,
on your phone

Access all vitals stats of your scooter remotely with the Ather app.

Smart Electric Scooter Mobile App
Smart Electric Scooter Mobile App
Smart Electric Scooter Mobile App
Smart Electric Scooter Mobile App

Update your scooter,
over the air

Ather 450 is an ever-improving scooter. Get new software features, enhanced performance and firmware updates without taking it to the service center.

Over-the-air Updates

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Refuel. Whenever, wherever.

Recharging your scooter is a breeze. Probably unlike any other refueling experience before. AtherGrid is intelligent, available at the right places, and it goes without saying that it’s safe and reliable.

At home

Charge overnight with our integrated home charging solution, Ather Dot TM. It comes with authenticated power transfer, which means only your scooter can charge from it, has auto-cut off, syncs charging data with your Ather app and is equipped with surge protection.

More queries on home installation?
We have answered them all in our FAQs section.


You’ll never be more than 4 km away from a Point. All Points have at least one fast charger allowing you to recharge your vehicle quickly. Keep an eye out, you’ll spot one soon at your favourite hangout joint, workout place or shopping destination.

Fast charging upto
80% at 1 km/min
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Need to recharge on the go? Plug your scooter to any regular 5A socket using the charging cable.

Hassle-free ownership

Every aspect of owning an Ather scooter is crafted around you. Connectivity, intelligence & thoughtfully designed subscription packs take out all the hassles of maintaining a scooter & puts the joy back in owning.

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Cost of ownership

No layered pricing, hidden costs, or unplanned payments over the period of ownership. We have simplified it into just two transparent parts, all-inclusive.

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  • 340
Smart Electric Scooter Ather 450

Ather 450

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